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Reichskommissariat Ukraine

By 1Blomma
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The Reichskommissariat of Ukraine and its subdivisions (Generalbezirke). Volhynia-Podolia, East Volhynia, Polesia, Upper Neper (Dniepr), Lower Neper and Greuthungland were to be settled with Germans as part of the Lebensraum concept. The eastern part of Volgaland-North had already been settled by Germans in the 1700 and 1800s. They were allowed to stay to secure the border with Russia (Soviet Union). Wolgaburg (Volga Fortress) is a city on the opposite shore of where Stalingrad once stood. This city of roughly 400 000 inhabitants (all Germans) were to secure the southern part of the border. It was also constructed as a major shoe-in-the-face to the Russians.

The major cities in the east (Wolgaburg, Saratau, Astrachan etc) were connected to the Reich by enormous Autobahns and a railwork network with the German gaige width. Along the way of these roads and railroads smaller German villages and towns were constructed such as Georghalden, Gremsdorf, Neukassel, Büznow, Bachten and Weißkirchen.

The Ukrainian nationals who were not deported to Siberia or forced to serve on German farms were herded to the east. They were to reside in the Generalbezirke of Severia, Donezland, Blackland, Donland, Volgaland-South and eastern Volgaland-North. These areas were not to be Germanised, except for the capitals and other major Autobahn hubs.

Circa 1955-1960.

The next map in this universe will be one of the whole European continent, showing the current state of affairs.

Finished on 15th of September, 2012
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Kaiserguy14Student Digital Artist
Great work! But I do have a question: is Kiroffo supposed to be Kiev? I thought the German name for Kiev was simply Kiew.
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Great map! I personally feel that a lot of the Germanized names sound a bit weird, as I think the Nazis would rather find new names, translate them directly where possible or find good German sounding alternatives. I don't know, but places like Zhytomyr (Shitomir) and Poltawa would sound better, and more German, as Zitmar and Poltau, for example. Wolga could be germanized as Wolgau (like Vltava is Moldau), Belgard to Weissenburg, Lugansk could be named after its British founder Charles Gascoigne into Karlsburg... just a few thoughts, I realize I find this way too interesting! :D
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Would the Nazis try to revive gothic?
someone1fy's avatar
Because of Pan-Germanicism I guess.
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You have great works on maps, I love to see that experimental one too. The old textures are amazing!
But, there is a little fault maybe, I don't know your ambitions, but I think the hydrography is not correct in this map. I mean the big water reservoirs (except one) on the Dnieper for example, those reservoirs were built after the WW2, between 1950 and 1975. The except is the "Dnieper Reservoir" between Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia, it was created in 1932 by the construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station.
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Yep, you're entirely right. The basemap I used was from the 1980s and I didn't think to correct it.
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SoaringAvenHobbyist Digital Artist
Also, looks like Russia Today is using your work without credit :P
You should report them XD
theirishisraeli's avatar
How did you make that grainy old map texture?
FlagArmadaProductns's avatar
I wonder if the Reichsautobahn was gonna have auxliary highways and beltways around major cities like the American Interstate System had. (I'd love to see I-495 around Saratau hehe)
Blacktemplar777's avatar
Хуй вам всем!!!
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Kristo1594Hobbyist Digital Artist
really nice map, dude :)
I like the German names you've got on your map.
but there's a little fault. "bucht" is a female word so it musst be "Karkinitische Bucht" instead of "Karkinitischer Bucht" :)
Arminius1871's avatar
Arminius1871Hobbyist Digital Artist
A map making tutorial would be really great, this maps are the best on DA, really awesome!!!

Also your creativity on the city names is cool, do you research for the meaning of every single town???

Just one thing I noticed, it must be Theoderichshafen, not Theodorichshafen^^

Spread that map in more groups!
1Blomma's avatar
I try to, yeah. But as Ares pointed out on alternatehistory.com, I completely missed Toljatti, which was actually named as such after an Italian communist in the 60s. :D Other than that I try to look up the etymology of the names and translate them directly to German, and if that is not possible just make it sound more German.
Arminius1871's avatar
Arminius1871Hobbyist Digital Artist
You do a great work, go on!

If you need ever help, just ask me :) I´m German^^

After this project, you could do the Japanese Empire that won also the war XD
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AmongTheSatanicHobbyist Artist
I hope you continue and do all of them :meow:
1Blomma's avatar
I'm working on a map of all of Europe right now, that will probably be the last one for this series.
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AmongTheSatanicHobbyist Artist
Aww :(

I'd love to see all the Komissariets.
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DarkaizHobbyist Writer
Häftigt som vanligt! Jag skulle gärna vilja se vad som återstår av Ryssland/Sovjet i detta scenario.
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Tänk dig ett jättestort, jättekallt Somalia. Hela den västra delen bombas konstant av tyskarna samtidigt som det "eviga raskriget" pågår från Uralbergen i väst till Obfloden i öster (alla värnpliktiga sänds dit). Ett Ryssland utan sin europeiska del skulle vara som att amputera både ben och armar från en person. Och vem skulle vilja hjälpa till att finansiera en sån stat? Storbritannien? USA? Kina? Nej, Ryssland är inget härligt ställe här.
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DarkaizHobbyist Writer
myspys ställe :P
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