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Greater Prussia



1917 - The Russian Revolution starts, the front crumbles in the east.
1918 - The treaty of Brest-Litovsk end hostilities in the east. The Germans launch the Spring Offensive in the west and reach Paris. The French army is plagued by mutinies, and with revolution on their doorstep, the French government rushes to get a favorable armistice. The Germans occupy everything to the east of the Meuse, including the riverbanks to the west of the Meuse. All German colonies are awarded to France, Britain and Japan. The war has officially ended.
1919 - The treaty of Berlin finalises the borders in the east with the Soviet Union. Roughly all territory gained by Prussia in the Third partition of Poland is annexed to Prussia as the provinces of Lodz and Southeast Prussia. The United Baltic Duchy is made a member of the German Empire. Lithuania, Finland and Ukraine are established as independent states.
1920 - All French and Belgian territory east of the Meuse is annexed to Germany in the final peace treaty with France. The Belgian territories and a small part of former French territory is annexed to Prussia as the province of the Ardennes, the rest goes to the Imperial Land of Alsace-Lorraine.
1923 - All German troops leave French and Belgian territory. Belgium elects anti-German parties.
1924 - Civil unrest in Belgium. The German army moves in. The rest of Belgium is annexed to Prussia as the province of Flanders. The Belgian Congo is split between France and Britain.

Due to no unrestricted submarine warfare and subsequently no American entry in the war, the Central Powers stand victorious. Just a quick scenario for Map of the Fortnight on AH.com.
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Interesting but Germany was not to annex more of Poland. They had declared a Kingdom of Poland and an archduke of Austria, who spoke Polish fluently and had Polish in-laws was almost made King of Poland despite other pretenders. Not only many Polish Jews but a fair number of Polish supported both Austria and Germany. You have to realize Austria-Hungary was the most Jew friendly country of the world with a whopping 19 % of the civil servants and soldiers being Jews in the Danube Monarchy. The Jewish like of the Central powers went as far that a Polish-Jewish gentleman travelled to America to ask President Wilson to enter the war at the Central side! Also, the Austrians had treated the Polish in Galicia very well and that was the reason why Poland was inclined to at least not sabotage the Central Powers' onslaught because they were glad all Russians were gone. All Rusians, disrepectful whether the Russians were czarist, democrat or communist... No, not all colonies. Some, colonies always did cost Germany money so they would have taken only some.. The collaboration of Belgians was even more massive than in the Second World War but Germany would have made some compromise with another Belgian royal or a German relative.