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Die Neuordnung Europas

By 1Blomma
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The last map in my Germania map series showing the complete German domination of the continent after winning WW2.

The red lines show the Autobahns that were built in order to connect this vast empire. The black rail like lines show the extremely wide gauged railroad (3 meters wide, twice as wide as railroads are today) that were to be constructed as Germany's version of shipping routes on sea. What's the point of having the largest empire in the world if you don't also have the largest trains, right?

The cities (or rather, fortresses) of Nordstern (Trondheim) in Norway, Westhafen (Le Havre), Scherburg (Cherbourg), Brest and Sankt Nazer (Sainte-Nazaire) on the French Atlantic coast and Weißenburg (Belgrade) in Serbia were turned over to the Germans to ensure the safety of the Reich. The final peace treaty with France saw roughly all the territory that once belonged to the HRE be annexed by Germany, while Brittany was made an "independent" state comparable to the pro-Nazi Slovak Republic. Italy recieved Savoy, Nice (the entire departement, not just the old county) the Alps in between them, Corsica and Tunisia.

More information can be found on the regional maps.
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This is really depressing to look at ... nice work though, keep it up

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HeildirimseigerkranzHobbyist Digital Artist
Shouldn't Brittany be called Kleinbrittanien?
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Kunstkammer2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pray tell, why aren't Denmark, Norway or Sweden part of the Reich?

Both Denmark and Norway at least were make into Reichkommisariats in OTL. Aside from that, absolutely beautiful map sir! Also, I know you've said that in this TL Germany doesn't control OZAV or OZAK because Italy never falls, but considering the tensions Mussolini and Hitler had during the war, plus the fact that the Nazis weren't exactly known for keeping their word on their treaties, have you ever considered making a map with OZAV and OZAK included (as well as the Scandinavian Reichskommiariats)?
Heildirimseigerkranz's avatar
HeildirimseigerkranzHobbyist Digital Artist
Denmark was never made into a Reichskommissariat
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This is by far the best map of a National Socialist victory
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How did Switzerland survive for so long? Did Hitler die before he could invade the country?
Mekekelo's avatar
Why is Switzerland still there? And why isn't the nordic countries in the Reich?
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I'd assume that the Nordic countries (except for Sweden) are "independent" Fascist states akin to East European countries under Stalin but Fascist instead of communist.
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May I ask why Bretagne leave France?
chaosbob34's avatar
Since Hitler thought Slavs were "subhuman" did they do anything to the Czechs, Croatians, etc. Also, whats the situation in Russia??
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The fate of the Slavs would depend on which group.

The Poles were to be completely eradicated, subjected to genocide and spread too thin to repopulate. In fact, Poland was predicted to be completely free of Poles sometime between 1951 and 1961.

Russians, Belarusians, Serbs, and Rusyns would've had the vast majority of their populations killed and the rest used as a slave labor force for the German war machine and to farm the lands of Eastern Europe. None of them would receive anything but the most basic education and would be banned from reproducing except to create new slaves.

Ukrainians, Czechs, and Bulgarians were to have a little more leniency thrown their way, since they were seen as closer to Aryans. They'd still face starvation, expulsion, and enslavement, but they were deemed acceptable for Germanization. This would mean renouncement of their native culture and language in favor of Nazi Germany's. These Slavs could breed, but they were to only have children with Germans to eventually remove the Slavic traits from the gene pool.

Croats and Slovaks were military allies of Nazi Germany, but were still seen as lesser and would have large numbers killed off. They were be subjected to more Germanization than the rest.

All of these groups would likely be subjected to an Apartheid-esque system in Nazi territory. Any and all illegal pregnancies would be aborted if they were discovered.

As for Russia, it's probably filled with expelled Slavs and the remains of the Soviet Union.
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TrueBananakondaHobbyist Digital Artist
Weren't Bulgarians seen as closer to Turks back then?
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Then what do you think about this?

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I honestly couldn't care less about what a bunch of Nazis think. It's all ridiculous racist propaganda based around misunderstandings, inaccuracies, and minor variations in human physiology that mean very little. Yet some idiots who don't know anything about biology, genetics, or just science in general decided it means certain people are just inherently superior to others, which is complete nonsense.
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I can see that happening related to territory. They of course could never get the whole of the USSR. Way too big to conquer all of that land.
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Interesting interpretation of a Axis victory, and the map is absolutely beautiful!
AdunaiSunfury's avatar
Gibraltar cannot be seen, but Malta is still not conquered. Rommel would facepalm ^^
AdunaiSunfury's avatar
This map is so beautiful, it could well be in my atlas from an alternate reality. Ah, dreams, dreams...
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My family comes from Lorraine and Brittany. So I'm not French according to this map :'( I'm glad the Nazis lost the war. Anyway, that is a great map.
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Shouldn't "Brittanien" be "Bretagne?" Brittanien means "Britain" in German.
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Could I see an svg of this map?
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Why was Banat given to Romania?
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