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A very large Soviet Union



Well, the title is fairly self explanatory. A USSR that covers all the territories the Russian Empire controlled (Alaska excluded). And some more.

After World War 2, the Soviet Union annexed Finland, Poland, the Baltic states and Moldavia. Due to Soviet troops reaching further west than in real life, Stalin could get away with large concessions both direct and indirect. Poland was shifted west at the expense of Germany, although they go to keep Lwów and Germany kept Silesia west of the Oder. The Polish Government then "voluntarily" voted to become a Republic in the USSR. Finland was outright annexed (and merged with the Karelo-Finnish SSR) as payment for the Winter War. Port Arthur (Primorsk) was added to Russia as a fleet base. As were Königsberg and Åland, renamed Kaliningrad and Kuznetsov, respectively. Norway, Sweden, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Manchuria and North Korea were all made Soviet puppets. Meanwhile to safeguard Caucasus, parts of northwestern Turkey are added to Georgia and Armenia althought Turkey retains its sovereignty.

Map is showing the Soviet Union as it stands in 1950.
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I pity the fate of Poland. Stalin did not like Poles.