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to the Joker that stood with a blank expression on his face as he starred right back at her. Xack was also horrified to see Punch and Judy standing right next to him, but the girl narrowed her eyes slightly as she saw the two lugs holding crates of...something, but she did not know what was inside.

Joker blinked, and seemed very confused at the moment for some reason. He slowly looked to the right, and then to the left of himself before he gazed back at Xack. "Am I dreaming?"


Obsession Chapter 9: The Chemical

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Joker (c) WB & DC
Xack (c) :iconmissterio:
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No, just insane.
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I like P&J's look on there faces at the end. There totally clueless. :D
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I know. It's funny
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i loved that moment XD