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Joker on guitar

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I've been wanting to draw Joker playing a guitar for a while now and it was hell to draw, but I some what came threw. :phew: I don't know why I just wanted to draw it cause I thought it might look cool. ^^;

Hope its alright. :please:

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That is epic as hell.
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:giggle: Pure awesome, I would have loved to see him play the guitar in one of the Batman episodes :D Great work :aww:
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Yeah! Play that guitar, Mr. J! :boogie:
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Lol, It would be cool if he did play the guitar on the show, but he'd probably use it on batman's head before he'd ever play.
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So true, so true!! :XD:
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How'd I miss this? That's so cute and awesome! :XD: I can't imagine the guards like his playing (if he's in Arkham) but I'd be all over him in a flash. That pose looks really tricky with the fingers, but you pulled it off nicely! :D
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I just LOVE this!! Faving now!
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Thanks. The fingers where a bit tricky but to me it was the face and the arms gave me hell. ^^;
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i think the most difficult part, in my opinion, would've been to draw out those positioned fingers & hands playing that guitar:XD::faint:which you pulled off quite nicely:thumbsup:
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OMG! :excited:

That is so AWESOME, and it looked like it was tough to make! :wow:

and I love how you drew Joker in his original outfit. :flirty:

You pulled this all off quite nicely, hun! :clap:

Oh, and this is TOTALLY COOL! :w00t:
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You're very welcome. :)
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