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He's at it again

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^^; I got the idea from a comic made by :iconharley13quinn:

I tilted It he's at it again cause it kinda reminds of the episode laughing bat. (the one where joker tries to be batman.not one of my favorite episodes but its ok) Maybe he thinks if he can take alucards stuff he can defeat him. (doubt it :no:)

Also the background sucks! I couldn't think of anything that great.

This might be my last joker drawing I do for a while.
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What if i create a monster with Alucard's abilities and the mind of Joker...

...Bloody hell we are all Doomed...
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Joker + Alucard's clothing = the best combination EVER! :#1:

AH! :excited:

Now I wish that vampire Joker could of worn that outfit. :love:

It would of been so awesome! :D

Oh well. :XD:

This is such an AWESOME drawing you did of Joker, and I'm glad to see him in another different outfit! :flirty:

YEP. :aww:

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Lol,I was thinking of making him wear it as a vampire, but vampire joker has blue eyes. I wanted him to keep his red eyes cause I think it goes a bit better with the alucard look. :D
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I never liked the blue eyes on vampire Joker. ^^;

I thought he would keep his RED ones. :giggle:

and...yes...his red eyes go well with Alucard's clothing. :D
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That's awesome!!!
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Alucard + Joker = BADASSNESS!!!
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I've never seen Alucard, but this is nicely done. ^^ I like the shading and his expression.
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