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Been quite a while since I've written anything here. Figured I'd bring dA up to speed.

I've been working as a game artist and programmer with Michal Marcinkowski (the soldat guy) for more than 2 years now, before that I did a few personal projects and some contract work. I'm not currently looking for extra work - thanks for all the nice offers though :^)

The game we've been working on for that time is called King Arthur's Gold, you can get it at . It's about vaguely medieval soldiers and engineers cooperating to overcome the enemy team. It's multiplayer, there's destructible terrain, you get to build castles and knock them down. It's a lot of fun.

I've been working on my painting and pixel art skills as much as possible, and it's nice (if a little embarrassing) seeing the progression I've made.

I'm studying alongside working on KAG, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Microbiology. My grades are above average.

Overall, life's good.
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:thumbsup: or :goodjob: Nice one man. Keep it up and I hope all is well for the future of your work and personal life.