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Note Guru - Environment Work 'Hometown'

By 1bardesign
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Currently pretty happy with how this turned out, but I'll need to see how it goes in other biomes before committing fully.
The game has started development, however; and this will be used as a "testing" area for all of the required functionality.

Thanks to everyone on twitter who gave feedback on things that needed more love.
Ended up taking a more "tiled" approach to the layout, though it's all 3d still.

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Very cool man.
 Keep it up.
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Very interesting, good luck for your project!
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Oh new game with your good pixel art, Geti! Nice style for this one. Interesting. I'll google a bit about it! ^ ^

(Oh wait it is 3D, but still your pixel art style is so visible... Nice! XD)
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Not much to google yet, I'll have to write more about it somewhere ;)
Getting the 3d to look as pixel-art is tricky but possible, I'll need to make a new palette for this game though I think, these colours are ok but a little generic...
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I saw that! Well following you on twitter now! XD Waiting for news! ^ ^
Yup! It's so rare to see a pixel art style 3D. Pixel artists usually maintain the style on the "shapes" and colors, but not in the details when going from pixel art to 3D. New palette... I don't dislike this, it quite recalls KAG (I'm still playing it XD), but let's see what will you invent! XD
^ ^
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