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KAG Title Screen

By 1bardesign
I can make larger versions if anyone wants them, up to 4000x3000 at absolute largest as thats the res it was painted at.

Thought the KAG title screen needed some love so rather than rushing another image I spent some time setting this one up and quite a while painting it. I've still got to do a few tweaks to make it compatible with the menu overlay and all that but it's certainly getting there.

Copyright © 2012 Max Cahill

UPDATE: [link] very hires wallpapers here.
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© 2012 - 2021 1bardesign
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Nice one Geti!

*wallpaper set*
Great artwork!
Totes using this as desktop background!

~ImAwesome, fan forum /
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Posted a ss on kag forums using this with a retouched sky and red colors... hope you dont mind spreading this gorgeous piece of art :D [link]
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It's going to be the new title screen of the scripting build ;)
Awesome as always... but bias towards the blue!
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Blue master race
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Would it be possible to get one at standard desktop wallpaper aspect ratios? One 16:9 and one 16:10, both hi-res? :)
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requires cropping the picture, but can probably sort something. I'll have a look at it tomorrow.
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Awesome, thanks. :)
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You're welcome :D
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