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Thanks so much for the views/favs/comments on ALL of the scenic wallpapers I have submitted over the last few weeks. I truly appreciate it! Braving the cold comes with the gain!

Cold and one else out taking photos of this marvelous, quiet, isolated wonder! The two wallpapers submitted today were taken part way up one of the mountains that overlook our city.....same road, about 20 minutes apart. What magical changes take place as the day fades and the light shifts from blue to white to pale pink. was -12 F or –24 C! It was simply gorgeous and awesome to see!

I took quite a few photos, so you may be seeing the snowy pics for awhile! :D Hope you enjoy a bit of winter scenery from the Great North Land! Thanks for looking and all the very best for a blessed and Happy New Year! :hug: :-) :hug:

Taken with my Cannon A-720 IS and available light.

Due to severe Carpal Tunnel I am not able to do very many comments – please accept my apologies.....and my thanks here. :hug: So just remember.......if I fav your work, with no comments.....I LOVE it!! My thanks in advance for your views, favs and comments.....they are all very much appreciated!

And please remember......all of us as artists here at DA put in long hours of work to create our art. Have the kindness to request permission to use our work. ALL work here is copyright by me. These photos are NOT STOCK ART.....they are NOT FREE and they are NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.....They CANNOT BE POSTED ON ANY OTHER SITE FOR VIEWING OR DOWNLOAD :-)

Hugzzzzzzzzzzz to ALL ............ :hug: :hug:

Anita - 1arcticxfox :heart: :-)
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I wish artists that didn't want their images used as stock would just say something like "not to be used in compositions or not for commercial use" instead of actually using the word "stock" in the image description. Using that word makes it come up in search results for things like "search-term stock" which puts it exactly where you don't want it. It's frustrating for people actually trying to comply with your wishes.