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Ms Marvel Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Ms Marvel from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
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Wow! Looks just like the shows style!
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There's another Captain Marvel, Shazam, a male superhero power guise of 10-year-old kid Billy Batson
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Wow! Looks like straight out of the show :)
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Awesome ! I wonder if she'll be in Avenger's Assemble ! :D
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I would die of excitement if i found out she was! She is easily 1 of the best female avengers ever! I mean she even led the team at 1 point. 
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I know right? Plus it would be even better if she was in Ultimate Spider-Man :D !!
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Beautiful artwork. Out of curiosity, do you operate a You-Tube channel? ;)
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Thanks for all of your comments and yes I do, I make AMVs.
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I love Ms. Marvel.

You made her look so cool.
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This one is really cool as it is in an action pose!
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I love that show :D
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