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Nrees learned Frenzy plant
Nrees learned Leaf tornado

Nrees gained 30 levels.
"You don't have to do that!" Serenna said, voice breaking and wavering, trying to calm the small, enraged pokémon. "We can help you, I promise.. Somehow". The young Amaura cross slowly walked closer, tail moving back and forth with small twitches, legs trembling, certain tells of her nervousness.
# Let me think about it.# The Vivillon chimed, a nasty twang in it's voice, hovering about three feet above ground, still somewhat shrouded in the fog.
# Nope, don't wanna. Bye bye, little one# The attack grew larger, shadows seemingly licking the air, distorting everything around, but so far it had not been fired. It hung in it's clawed hands, almost daring everyone around.

This was it, Hana thought somberly. Either we give up and lie down, or we go out with a fight. But what can we do? Pulling Snapdragon close to her, the trainer wispered quietly in her fuzzy ear. 'Nonna, do you think you could get the others to help me? We will have to make a last attempt, but I have to get Bill and Stephen out of the way. The Vivillon was harmed before, it means it can be harmed again. Ask Griff if he can think of something.' She tried to stay strong, but Hana was certain the fear could be heard in her voice. The small Zorua cross looked up, small tears forming in her big, blue eyes. +I will tell the others, Hana. I know we can do it, I just know it.+
'If only I had that confidence' she thought despondent, while she slowly picked the two fishes up and moved out of the way.

The small fluffy female told the other pokémon the plan, for what it was, and one by one they stood up from the wet, soggy ground, the fog still sweeping around their legs.

# Oh? What's this? Your last feeble attempt at trying to defeat me? How pathetic. At least have the decency to cry, it's more fun then.# The Vivillon baited, obviously loving every second, as the twisted attack grew to a pulse.
"NO! WE WON'T GIVE UP!" Serenna shouted, any fear now blown away. The anger from the mist snaked it's way back inside her mind and she could feel her muscles gaining tension. She reared up on her hind legs, making her tower over them all, a mighty feat concidering Jason, Baron and Hana all standing taller normally, and let gravity take pull, channeling all the burning energy into her two front legs. The second her feet touched the ground a large booming Stomp was heard, imprinting two deep indentations accompanied by sharp claw marks.

While this happened, and the Vivillon was focusing on Serenna, Griff started concentrating on using Foresight. It might give them a small edge, and a small one is better than none. His eyes started glazing over, the pupils disappearing, leaving him to look like he had two jade marbles instead. A few fragmented pictures took shape in his mind's eye. Azalea and Prince running in opposite directions. Hana quickly moving Stephen and Bill out of the way. The butterfly mon on the ground. Something silver and blue in the grass. Ivy in her human form. Lily.... Blowing raspberries?
The last picture quickly snapped him out of it, and he knew what had to be done.
He pulled Cress, Snapdragon, Cooper, Ivy and Rose towards him, and motioned for the bigger ones to come.
^Everyone, try to get the tiara, except Baron. You need to be on standby with a Quick attack ready to take it. Cooper, you should try charming the Vivillon, it might work. Nonna, use Leer, Rose, Confuse Ray. Lily, you should either^. The Sneasel held up a beclawed paw and cut him off. ¤Don't worry, Griffy. I got this¤ She ran up to the butterfly and started to tease it, while running out of reach. ¤You can't touch me, you can't touch meeeee~¤ She made grimaces and obscene sounds, blowing raspberries like in Griff's vision.

Cooper flew up behind the now angry Vivillon and tapped it's shoulder. -If I could just have your attention for a moment?- He asked, with charm dripping from every word, thick like moist icing, beckoning for a victim to drench in syrupy puppy love. He didn't even recieve a single glance.
Said glance was focused on the two pink blurs running around it, seemingly blinking in and out into existence. Azalea and Prince were doing their best to confuse it without either knowing Confuse Ray, so they took the next best thing. With neither being completely visible from the Camouflage they used, it did make the Vivillon get somewhat closer to the ground.

^Cress, do what you can, but stay out of reach.^
Cress nodded and floated up to the closest pine tree and started trying to pelt the Vivillon's head with pinecones. Some hit, some missed, and some even touched the tiara.

Keaton, an Amaura of few words just nodded, walked closer to the malicious pokémon and called forth a fine cold powder. He concentrated the Powder Snow to the butterfly's eyes to temporarily obstruct it's vision. It seemed to work as the Vivillon's movements semmed to rely more on it's hearing, what with them being twitchier than before.
Ivy transformed into her human form, picked up Rose and ran around in circles to add further confusion, making small calling sounds which attracted the attention of the hostile pokémon. _Silly you~ You can't see meeee~_
Rose siezed the opportunity when they came extra close and used a Confuse Ray. It came out weak, but it was still enough to befog the Vivillon, so it came down to the grassy knoll it had previously been floating above.
Serenna picked Griff up and ran towards Baron and the Vivillon. When they were a foot away, Griff hopped up above the now grounded pokémon. Serenna tackled it softly, almost like a pillow being thrown for fun, and once it stumbled, Griff seized the moment and whipped his tail at the accursed silver piece, which fell off with a soft 'Paf' when it hit the ground.
^BARON, NOW!^ The black and green male pokémon followed the plan, using a Quick attack to intercept the headpiece and run with it to Hana, who was still holding the two fish pokémon, them all knowing there was nothing else to do in this battle.
Once Baron had give Hana the silver circlet they all stared at the pokémon they were trying to save. Did it work?

The pokémon gave them two words.
# Thank you#
Pkmnation October event week 4
Word count: 1094
Levels: 5 for 1000 words, 2 for event, 2 to one pokémon for trainer being present, 2 for Ghost/Dark/bug Serenna gains 7 levels and learns Stomp Cress gains 9 levels (Ghost) Snapdragon gains 9 levels (Dark) Keaton gains 9 levels (Trainer bonus) Poison Ivy gains 9 levels (Dark) Stephen gains 7 levels Rose gains 9 levels (Ghost) Cooper gains 7 levels Bill gains 7 levels Azalea gains 7 levels Griff gains 7 levels Lily gains 9 levels (Dark) Baron gains 9 levels (Dark) Prince gains 7 levels
Named but not given levels Jason
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