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KASU squad by 1951-VampHollow KASU squad :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 3 0 Nov Hue Month by 1951-VampHollow Nov Hue Month :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 0 0 Family Sketch by 1951-VampHollow Family Sketch :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 1 2 Earmuffs by 1951-VampHollow Earmuffs :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 2 0 Kuji by 1951-VampHollow Kuji :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 4 0 4th Child by 1951-VampHollow 4th Child :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 1 0 Nam with friends by 1951-VampHollow Nam with friends :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 3 0 Bow by 1951-VampHollow Bow :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 1 2 Dragonette and Swallowtail Snapdragon by 1951-VampHollow Dragonette and Swallowtail Snapdragon :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 1 8 Piccolo and Chi-Chi by 1951-VampHollow Piccolo and Chi-Chi :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 3 5 Female Piccolo by 1951-VampHollow Female Piccolo :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 9 8 Ma Junia by 1951-VampHollow Ma Junia :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 14 12 DBZ Genderbended: [TFS] Nerui vs Vegeta by 1951-VampHollow DBZ Genderbended: [TFS] Nerui vs Vegeta :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 4 0 DBZ Genderbended: Nerui's Introduction by 1951-VampHollow DBZ Genderbended: Nerui's Introduction :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 6 2 Sexta Espada: Gajeel by 1951-VampHollow Sexta Espada: Gajeel :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 5 5 Alien OC: K'wyf by 1951-VampHollow Alien OC: K'wyf :icon1951-vamphollow:1951-VampHollow 3 3


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KASU squad
A group of Namekians I drew a few years ago. Kanar is the tallest, glows black, and is the leader. Staka is the next tallest, usually second in command, and is a normal though strange namekian. Amek is the short portly chef and is a bit odd. Umri tends to be in the shadows, eyes for Kanar.
Nov Hue Month
I am going to attempt filling this out as the month November goes on! Right now, 5 have been completed!
Pretty late, but I am doing well. I have a lot of art to post up (if I can find them lol). Also been doing Nov Hue as well! Got 5 done. I hope to eventually post them all here!
Family Sketch
A doodle for 2017 Father's Day. On the left, Kuji was cooking with Hyotenji (Hyo, second kid) and having a bit of an accident. On the right, Black-ice and Koriastu (Kori, first kid) are both reading.
Something I did for fun, drawing Frost, redoing Frost's final form
Hello everyone!

Wow, been a DA user for 4 years and never did a journal entry.

That's besides the point. Life can get to me since well, I was only in DA for a year before I went into college and boy was it crazy!
But, I managed to get some artwork done! The latest posted one I did was last semester. I'm proud of that one. Soon, some watercolor pictures will be up among other things.

Two nights ago, I was up sketching a one page manga, and it cost me my test score... I need to fix that. Good thing I have the rest of the 12 weeks semester to boost my grade! I hope...

Enough about my grades, the manga was a fun idea that I planned on doing. What I was planning on doing was the TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridge manga series regarding to Piccolo and Nail during their fused time together. The first one will be right after the fusion. I also have some planned for Lord Slug Abridged where Piccolo and Nail were arguing about the Special Beam Cannon. I have no idea when I will actually do what I planned in my head yet.

What I did draw was a Rule 63 of Nail. I'm not surprised that nobody did him yet. The inspiration was from seeing a female Piccolo by comicmaniac1. I actually planned on doing the first time female Piccolo showed up in Dragon Ball manga some day. Also, some drawing of her doing cool things, maybe.

Back to the one page manga, I may do a better one in the future. For now, this sheet is called "DBZ Genderbended: Nerui's Introduction". I have Nail's female counterpart called Nerui because Neru is another spelling for Nail, and Neru is easier to make it feminine than Nail. The second one is in progress (half-way done at this time). It's called "DBZ Genderbended: [TFS] Nerui vs Vegeta". Not everything was taken directly from the show because I had to change some of the words, but the gist is the same.

Last thing in regards to Nerui is her profile is in the editing department. I have it scanned, but it doesn't look nice. So, the picture is in paint and I'm working on getting it to look nice before posting it. I wanted to post it before the one page manga, but coloring takes forever. I will scan the first one page manga after submitting this journal, give some tweaks, and go back to my homework I should been doing.

Until my next journal entry, have a good day!

-1951 VampHollow


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