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Ooblibli. blablabl.

Some more 3dsm planets. The developing of the texture took some time, rest was quickly composed. Just had to submit something new.
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This deviation has been featured in journal [link] :heart:

I want to use this beautiful image, as the splash image of the Eclipse distribution of the free open source software that I am distributing. :-)
Of course, I indicate your copyright notice and URL of here on the splash image. May I use this image?

MergeDoc Project
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You may, but only if I have the right to have it be taken down whenever I wish.
Thanks a lot!
A stop right is yours of course, so please say to me at that time.
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excellent detail, but maybe a better atmosphere would make it even better and smoother on the planet edges. Loving the planet texture
this has to be a fav!

how did you texturize the planet so well?
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Hah, I don't really remember. I think the 3d render came out pretty well.
Glad you like it. Thanks a lot!
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Superb texturing on the planet, I can tell that was the main point of this peice, though the Sun is nice too !
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It was just a practice, so I was surprised by how well it came out. Bleh, I wish I had this at high res so I could submit it as a print. Too bad.
Thanks a lot for all your comments and I'm sorry for replying so late.
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great work. the planet looks stunning

when you made the texture in ps, how big did you make it? I'm try working with about 2000-3000 pixels but I can't go any bigger :P
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I made it 4000x4000 and I made it recurrent, so I could tile it in 3dsm. Thanks :)
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oo i've been trying to do that (the reccurent thing) but haven't been able to get it right (probably becuase i have no idea what to do lol). I'll get it sooner or later :P

you're welcome
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just use the offset filter and blend the edges, then use that filter once more , blend the edges edges again and tada
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thanks. i'll try to get it now :)
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ur planets rocks :D
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This planet is really pushing the envolope! The POV is amazing, and if I did not know better I would have thought this was created in Terragen2. The “3diness” on the planet is just amazing man, I am loving this. Personally I do not like the lightflare, but it doesn’t look bad by any means so it works out. I really do not have much to say about this one, keeep them coming!
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Thanks a lot man. I'll sure try to keep them coming. I have a lot inspiration these days.
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Beautiful details and texture on the foreground planet. =D
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Just beautiful!! Luv the textures & colors! :clap:
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fantastic piece, but the planets outline lacks of antialiasing.
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