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[OC] my manga self by reirei18
ODYMH - What Happened by reirei18
ODYMH cover by reirei18
ODYMH p03 by reirei18
One Day You'll Meet Him 2007
One Day You'll Meet Him cover by reirei18
One Day...... page18 .:.END.:. by reirei18
One Day...... page17 by reirei18
One Day...... page16 by reirei18
The Link
The Link page 17 by reirei18
The Link page 16 by reirei18
The Link page 15 by reirei18
The Link page 14 by reirei18
Sailor Moon FC
Sailor Moon fan comic: page 07 by reirei18
Sailor Moon fan comic: page 06 by reirei18
Sailor Moon fan comic: page 05 by reirei18
Sailor Moon fan comic: page 04 by reirei18
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i'll keep us together... by reirei18
it doesnt make any sense... by reirei18
a super short story by reirei18
A Typical Student by reirei18



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Featured - only for illustrations/fanart related to these stories:

One Day You'll Meet Him (completed)
A girl meets her dream guy in her dream. Determined to meet him in real life, she will make her dream into reality. How real is this dream? How dreamy is the reality. This is Kristine's story. Watch her make her dream into reality and make reality like a dream.

watch the story with background music -->…

Genre :: school life, romance


The Link (hiatus)
Rei, an ordinary high school girl, unexpectedly receives a mysterious item. Since then, she started to sense the presence of those who are unseen. After encountering a bunch of unknown creatures, she collapsed and as she gains consciousness, a mysterious handsome guy appeared in front of her. The mysterious guy, also named Rei, came from a distant dimension and was sent to protect her. From what? From who? Why? And what is this Link? Rei's life drastically changed while getting answers from these questions and attending school like never before.

Genre :: school life, romance, drama, fantasy


A Sailor Moon Fan comic (hiatus)
An attempted continuation of the Sailor Moon series after Stars.
The plot is yet to be announced.

watch the preview -->…

thank you for joining/watching this group.. :heart:
and I appreciate those who read and like my stories.. :thanks:

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