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Unicorn Cake Creambun (OPEN) by 18Gingasoldier Unicorn Cake Creambun (OPEN) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 4 2 Pumpkin Toast DTA by 18Gingasoldier Pumpkin Toast DTA :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 1 8 Lioness (CLOSED) by 18Gingasoldier Lioness (CLOSED) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 3 3 What is this (NEED HELP) by 18Gingasoldier What is this (NEED HELP) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 0 2 Hearty Sprinkles Ref. Sheet by 18Gingasoldier Hearty Sprinkles Ref. Sheet :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 2 0 Hearty Sprinkles (New Creambun!) by 18Gingasoldier Hearty Sprinkles (New Creambun!) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 4 0 Loolu as Link by 18Gingasoldier Loolu as Link :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 6 1 Loolu 2018 Regis. Sheet by 18Gingasoldier Loolu 2018 Regis. Sheet :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 2 0 Cub Adopts #5 (OPEN) by 18Gingasoldier Cub Adopts #5 (OPEN) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 1 5 Drawing Prompt June 2018 (Loolu) by 18Gingasoldier Drawing Prompt June 2018 (Loolu) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 3 0 Families of 5 #1 (OPEN) by 18Gingasoldier Families of 5 #1 (OPEN) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 5 22 Wild Things #1 (OPEN) by 18Gingasoldier Wild Things #1 (OPEN) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 8 7 Pre-Teen Lions #3 (OPEN) by 18Gingasoldier Pre-Teen Lions #3 (OPEN) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 8 6 Pre-Teen Lions #2 (OTA Points) OPEN by 18Gingasoldier Pre-Teen Lions #2 (OTA Points) OPEN :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 2 6 Pre-Teen Lions #1 (OTA Points) by 18Gingasoldier Pre-Teen Lions #1 (OTA Points) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 8 14 Dense Fur Brushes for CSP (Read description) by 18Gingasoldier Dense Fur Brushes for CSP (Read description) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 14 2


I see lilacs in the walls by WulverCazz I see lilacs in the walls :iconwulvercazz:WulverCazz 3 0 Treasure Beneath by WulverCazz Treasure Beneath :iconwulvercazz:WulverCazz 4 0 ANOTHER LIONESS OTA - OPEN by Miviiii ANOTHER LIONESS OTA - OPEN :iconmiviiii:Miviiii 4 2 Collab Adopt Batch 1 -OPEN by Miviiii Collab Adopt Batch 1 -OPEN :iconmiviiii:Miviiii 4 1 Reselling Cubbo Adopt - OPEN by Miviiii Reselling Cubbo Adopt - OPEN :iconmiviiii:Miviiii 9 6 RESELLING LIONESS 2 - CLOSED by Miviiii RESELLING LIONESS 2 - CLOSED :iconmiviiii:Miviiii 18 3 Her Second Chance by Miviiii Her Second Chance :iconmiviiii:Miviiii 22 6 Babies by oCrystal Babies :iconocrystal:oCrystal 31 3 Collab with MythaBix! by BeeStarART Collab with MythaBix! :iconbeestarart:BeeStarART 11 2 Raindrops by pachoopi Raindrops :iconpachoopi:pachoopi 32 3 Rooibos by pachoopi Rooibos :iconpachoopi:pachoopi 55 7
cinnadog customs - closed
Not first come first serve - leave a picture in your comment and tell me what traits you'd like and I will pick which ones Ill take ♥
Please don't link multiple images/ideas! Take your time, I don't want to pick which one you want.
You can choose a common custom (common tail) - $50 or add one rare trait (unusual body, furhood, rare tail, wings, horns) for $60

will probably be done within a day of payment
If you want to get more out of the group, be sure to register your new cinna @ the masterlist Band-of-Butts
:iconcinnabutt:cinnabutt 14 79
(gif) supreme ponachos by cinnabutt (gif) supreme ponachos :iconcinnabutt:cinnabutt 325 11 AZAZEL by cinnabutt AZAZEL :iconcinnabutt:cinnabutt 186 7
General Behavior Reminder
Hey guys, Plantgay here! :star:
    If you ever have an issue with anyone in the cinnadog community, a question or concern about any of the rules, or are even just upset about anything related to cinnadogs, please note the group or one of the mods so we can work through the situation! This isn’t about one situation specifically, but we’ve had several instances of mini-modding and we discourage this behavior, as it often leads to conflict and misinformation. Don’t be afraid to note the group for any reason, the mods are here to help! After all, it is our job.  'v'
    To add on to this, we really want for cinnadogs to be a positive community, and any harassment will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to
        -Guilting or harassing someone into selling/trading a design
        -Call out posts, actively trying to slander members or mods
        -General hate speech (ra
:iconband-of-butts:Band-of-Butts 5 0
Cinnadog UFT/SWAP
I've had this babe for a while but I'm not really connecting with her so I've decided to take some offers on her~
She has 33 pieces of art so I'm not really gonna take lowball offers
I'm mainly looking at swaps and other closed species (Atli, Chimereons, Draketsuns, Pacapillars, Pillowings, Starsweets, Waterdogs, etc), but I will look at HQ one offs, customs and art (art as add-on only please). I can't really take money offers since idk what her value is or if I'm even allowed to sell her but ye. Here are my design interests

Thanks for looking ^^
:iconthe-onsie-dragon:The-Onsie-Dragon 2 1



My Cinnadogs aren’t selling (only one has) and I just came back to school but my dad supports me in doing a Patreon to pay my debts. I’ll be thinking of the rewards and the tiers. Also, I’m re-writing my MLP review script.
Unicorn Cake Creambun (OPEN)
Flavor,Unicorn Cake |  Kitten Form |  Back, uncommon
Ears, common  |  Paws, common  |  Eyes, common
Topping, common|  Coat, common  | NO EMBELLISHMENT

Selling her for $25 USD or 2500 points.

Species: celestialsunberry 
Art & Design: Me
Lioness (CLOSED)
Base by: oCrystal

I missed doing these! She’s 70 points, I don’t mind if you get rid of the spots, I don’t like them either lol

You must be ready to pay upfront or within the span of 24 hours, or the lioness will be back for offers.
My Cinnadogs aren’t selling (only one has) and I just came back to school but my dad supports me in doing a Patreon to pay my debts. I’ll be thinking of the rewards and the tiers. Also, I’m re-writing my MLP review script.


18Gingasoldier's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
<3 Chocolate, books, movies, partying
</3 Depression

WILL say "no" if uncomfortable
Likes doing adopts



TLK Cubs (Breeding Results)
Is doing offspring of your TLK lions not for you? You might like how I designed a couple for a contest.
These are a bit cheaper because I'm not too skilled in this yet.  
TLK Custom Adoptables (Artistic Freedom)
If you'd like a surprise, this is the option for you! 
I choose the colors, and if you're not satisfied I'll make you a new one, but I'll sell the first attempt. 
TLK Custom Adoptables (According to your taste)
You already have a design in mind, but can't draw or don't have a base to use? 
You choose whether you'd like a cub, teenager or adult base, and tell me the specifics of the design. You may link me to a color palette if you have one.

Each cub is 250.
Normal Custom Adoptables
As there's more freedom to cat/dog designs, they will be a tad harder to do and finish. It's been a while since I last designed cats and dogs, but I can do fine. 
As for MLP designs, I have almost no experience. I have four MLP adoptables for sale, if you wanna check them out!
AlexDream12 (Custom Payment)
About the custom CX


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