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becoming part of the stock
Becoming part of the stock By the shadow demon (Woman into cow) Jo as she preferred to be known as, it seemed that every time she heard “Joanne” she always felt that she was in trouble. At the age of 17, long hazel brown hair with eyes to match, she was indeed a very beautiful farmer’s daughter. Jo always had the idea of taken over her father’s dairy farm, if Drake was still working at that time. Drake was a young farmer in training, her father always gave him a hard time but by the end of every day they always sat down and had a chat. Only being one year older then she was with short dull blonde hair, sky blue eyes w
runaway cowgirl
Runaway Cowgirl By the shadow demon (Woman-Cow) Walking down a endless highway, Sarah wonder how far she could go when her mother would find her, for a week ago Sarah had great argument with her mother, Sarah always hated when her mother never gave any fun For this Sarah decided to make her suffer by running away. Now In country where the only thing alive was the cattle in the paddocks next to the highway, turning her attention to the paddock to her left. Sarah did note a road leading away from the highway, she look down the high way to see that it bee miles until she will hit the same road. “If I cut through the paddock,” She
Challenge seventeen
Challenge seventeen By the shadow demon Sent in by Apokol (Man into woman into cow) Challenge: A man gets lost only to be found by a young witch who turns him into a woman then a cow. Rules: follow the storyline/anything goes. “Follow the track they say, you wont get lost they say,” Chris mumbles to himself, as he couldn’t believe that he got lost on his own jogging track. At 21 years old, slight overweight with glasses and short blonde hair, Chris wasn’t what the girl’s call ‘a hunk’ but he did feel like he could find that perfect girl. Going deeper into the same forest that he had his jog through, Ch
Milkmaid By the shadow demon (Woman into cow) Janet was always a country girl, she was born in the country and raised in her family dairy farm. Now sixteen, Janet loved the farm life but nothing got close to feeding time to the calves. Every morning and afternoon Janet would go into a barn where her mother held the baby calves, and Janet hand fed each and everyone. It took time but she didn’t care she loved doing it. Especially when she came to little Jack a very small calf for his age but never less he need to be fed. As the day turn to late arvo, Janet once again entered the barn. All the calves mooed like crazy wanting to be fed.
udder size
Udder size By the shadow demon (Woman-anthro cow) Roxanne hated one thing, having such small breasts, an A cup for a seventeen-year-old teen is not natural. All her friends all have great breast but her she nearly did feel like she was flat breasted. Roxanne spend most her time in her grandma’s attic to hide from the world, she kind of enjoyed the peace and quite in the attic very quite. Roxanne always went through her grandma’s stuff, the old pictures, and the old journals anything to keep her mind off her own problems. One day when Roxanne was going through her grandma’s stuff, she found a very old looking book with wha
Hot Cocoa {Cow TF}
    Bailey opened the front door of her house, looking down to see a package on the doorstep. Small, rectangular, and wrapped with the standard issue post-office-brown paper. Utterly normal. She picked it up and walked back inside, examining the writing.    It was pretty late at night for a package to come. Bailey was in her pyjamas; dressed in a big concert t-shirt and pink and white polka dotted panties, her dark brown hair down and loose. On her feet were a pair of fuzzy pink socks. Nonetheless, a gift from her boyfriend, no matter the time of day, was always a pleasant surprise. She set the package on the kitchen table and pulled out a c
Bedroom Nightmares
In a small town in the middle of the country something most dreadful has happened, the small towns number one retail is here cattle. Both in producing milk and also the finest meat the lands have ever seen, but the main problem is that there cattle supply has ran terribly low and when I inform you of that I mean it, they barley have enough cows and bulls to get them threw the cold winter that will be coming shortly and so because of this the town elders have secretly agreed that they have to do what ever means necessary to fix there shortage of cattle. Secretly all teenagers of the village that are aged 16 - 18 have been selected, selected to
Summer Job {Cow TF}
    Chloe tied her blonde hair back into a ponytail, looking beyond the wire and wood fence at the farm. This was the place, just as the owner had described. A robin's-egg-blue painted ranch house out front, grassy green and brown pastures all around, and one big red barn in the back beside the horse stables. Small, for a farm, but then again, there weren't many cattle that she had seen.    Come to think of it, she hadn't seen any other workers. Just more work for her to do. Lucky this job paid by the hour.    She swung open the unlocked gate and walked up the dirt path to the ranch house, thankful for the shade of the porch. It was swelt
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