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becoming part of the stock
Becoming part of the stock
By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)
Jo as she preferred to be known as, it seemed that every time she heard “Joanne” she always felt that she was in trouble.
At the age of 17, long hazel brown hair with eyes to match, she was indeed a very beautiful farmer’s daughter.
Jo always had the idea of taken over her father’s dairy farm, if Drake was still working at that time. Drake was a young farmer in training, her father always gave him a hard time but by the end of every day they always sat down and had a chat. Only being one year older then she was with short dull blonde hair, sky blue eyes with a short but ruff goatee and well built, Jo just loved every time that she saw him but also doubt it that she was too nervous and too shy to even say hi.
One day, her father came up to her.
“Listen Jo, I’ve got to go to a farmer’s convention so I won’t be here for two weeks so can you take care of house?” Her father asks
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 314 16
runaway cowgirl
Runaway Cowgirl
By the shadow demon
Walking down a endless highway, Sarah wonder how far she could go when her mother would find her, for a week ago Sarah had great argument with her mother, Sarah always hated when her mother never gave any fun For this Sarah decided to make her suffer by running away.
Now In country where the only thing alive was the cattle in the paddocks next to the highway, turning her attention to the paddock to her left. Sarah did note a road leading away from the highway, she look down the high way to see that it bee miles until she will hit the same road.
“If I cut through the paddock,” She said out load “I’ll get their quicker then just going around”
Making her mind up, Sarah slowly walks toward to the fence then pause to read a sign on the wire of the fence.
‘No trespassing’ it read, ‘those how enter without permission shall be punished’
Looking around, Sarah couldn’t see anyone only cattle.
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 228 21
Challenge seventeen
Challenge seventeen
By the shadow demon
Sent in by Apokol
(Man into woman into cow)
Challenge: A man gets lost only to be found by a young witch who turns him into a woman then a cow.
Rules: follow the storyline/anything goes.
“Follow the track they say, you wont get lost they say,” Chris mumbles to himself, as he couldn’t believe that he got lost on his own jogging track. At 21 years old, slight overweight with glasses and short blonde hair, Chris wasn’t what the girl’s call ‘a hunk’ but he did feel like he could find that perfect girl. Going deeper into the same forest that he had his jog through, Chris notice in the distance what it appear to be a hut with smoke coming out of the chimney.
“Oh thank god” Chris said with a sigh as he rushes over, to see the sight of cabin in the forest. Almost zombie-like, Chris walks to the front door and slam his fist against over and over until it opened. There standing before him was beautiful woman, sh
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 76 11
By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)
Janet was always a country girl, she was born in the country and raised in her family dairy farm. Now sixteen, Janet loved the farm life but nothing got close to feeding time to the calves.
Every morning and afternoon Janet would go into a barn where her mother held the baby calves, and Janet hand fed each and everyone. It took time but she didn’t care she loved doing it. Especially when she came to little Jack a very small calf for his age but never less he need to be fed. As the day turn to late arvo, Janet once again entered the barn. All the calves mooed like crazy wanting to be fed.
“I know, I know” Janet cries out as she brushes her shoulder length brown hair to the side as she fed each and ever one. Soon enough she came across Little Jack how seem more down then he was this morning. Janet felt so sad to see him like this, looking around to see no one around Janet opens Jack’s pen and slowly lure Jack out of his pe
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 268 23
udder size
Udder size
By the shadow demon
(Woman-anthro cow)
Roxanne hated one thing, having such small breasts, an A cup for a seventeen-year-old teen is not natural. All her friends all have great breast but her she nearly did feel like she was flat breasted.
Roxanne spend most her time in her grandma’s attic to hide from the world, she kind of enjoyed the peace and quite in the attic very quite.
Roxanne always went through her grandma’s stuff, the old pictures, and the old journals anything to keep her mind off her own problems.
One day when Roxanne was going through her grandma’s stuff, she found a very old looking book with what it appeared to be old English writing.
As she open up, Roxanne could hardly believe that the book was full of some sort of spells. Roxanne heart nearly skipped a beat where she can across a page marked “Udder size”.
“Thou how read the, shall come to a size of enormous, thou be warn for such a power must be use in thou how know the draw b
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 334 21
Hot Cocoa {Cow TF}
    Bailey opened the front door of her house, looking down to see a package on the doorstep. Small, rectangular, and wrapped with the standard issue post-office-brown paper. Utterly normal. She picked it up and walked back inside, examining the writing.
    It was pretty late at night for a package to come. Bailey was in her pyjamas; dressed in a big concert t-shirt and pink and white polka dotted panties, her dark brown hair down and loose. On her feet were a pair of fuzzy pink socks. Nonetheless, a gift from her boyfriend, no matter the time of day, was always a pleasant surprise. She set the package on the kitchen table and pulled out a chair, sitting down and starting to unwrap the parcel.
    "What's that?" Bailey's roommate, Adrianna, walked into the kitchen, grabbing a granola bar from a cupboard.
    "A present from Jared." Bailey fully unwrapped the package, revealing a white box the size of two of her fists. She took the lid off of the
:iconturntothewild:turntothewild 91 7
Bedroom Nightmares
In a small town in the middle of the country something most dreadful has happened, the small towns number one retail is here cattle. Both in producing milk and also the finest meat the lands have ever seen, but the main problem is that there cattle supply has ran terribly low and when I inform you of that I mean it, they barley have enough cows and bulls to get them threw the cold winter that will be coming shortly and so because of this the town elders have secretly agreed that they have to do what ever means necessary to fix there shortage of cattle. Secretly all teenagers of the village that are aged 16 - 18 have been selected, selected to be the ones that will help solved this problem and save the town from running out of funds and food.
In the bedroom of a small house in the town, there lies a young boy sleeping away with out a care in the world in what is happening to his town. He is of the age of 16 and he lives a most simply life in this small warm loving town. He pays no atten
:iconada2:ADA2 23 4
Summer Job {Cow TF}
    Chloe tied her blonde hair back into a ponytail, looking beyond the wire and wood fence at the farm. This was the place, just as the owner had described. A robin's-egg-blue painted ranch house out front, grassy green and brown pastures all around, and one big red barn in the back beside the horse stables. Small, for a farm, but then again, there weren't many cattle that she had seen. 
    Come to think of it, she hadn't seen any other workers. Just more work for her to do. Lucky this job paid by the hour. 
    She swung open the unlocked gate and walked up the dirt path to the ranch house, thankful for the shade of the porch. It was sweltering. Before she could even knock, a tall woman opened the door, smiling brightly.
    The woman looked in her early forties, with crows feet on her eyes and slight wrinkles around her mouth. She wore ranch clothes; a blue plaid flannel shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of muddy looking galoshes. Hay s
:iconturntothewild:turntothewild 208 16
Dairy Idol
It had been a long grueling day out in the desert, and as usual I was on my own. I was travelling with a group of fellow archeologists in order to check out an old tomb for some possible hidden treasure and artifacts. Unfortunately for me, I was stuck navigating this hot and musty old ruin by myself! My group had chickened out after watching The Mummy the night before, and decided against following me into the ruin. I made my way through the decrepit tomb, looking for some sort of special treasure to bring back. Sadly, searching ruins isn't as glamorous as they make it out to be in movies. There aren't any large caches of treasure, mystical artifacts, or Daedric weapons situated anywhere. It's a good thing that's the case, I'd hate to be transformed by some kind of weird magical artifact again!
I wandered through the ruins, and looked about for anything worthwhile. Finally, I found a strange room in the back of the ruins. Sitting in the middle of the room was a glistening golden statue
:iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 44 22
Trouble was her name
Trouble was her name
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into cow)
If you looked up the word 'trouble' in the dictionary you would find Jessica Thomas' photo right beside it as she was truly trouble with a capital 'T'. Ever since she was two Jessica was either in or causing trouble, never did take instructions well little alone listen to them and if you told her not to do something you can beat on it that she would do it. Now at seventeen years of age Jessica seem to get herself more and more in trouble, after having yet another after school detention Jessica made her long trip back home. Walking past the main street on to hers which her house was on Jessica notice a new store had open just on the corner which was weird as there was a open block and now a store built and ready for costumers.
"Huh… might as well" Jessica said as she opens the front of to the store to see the inside to full of kinds of magic-themed stuff from magic eight balls to potions, as Jessica looks over the store her
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 64 7
The Drunk Cow and the Shy Cow
It had been three long days since Belle had gotten the girls to go "full time" in their new positions.  It was around noon as the young witch/farm owner was counting the huge haul of Jewels for the day. Belle continued to revel in the amounts of Jewels she been receiving. She wasn't aware at first that making them full time cows would actually broaden the amounts of milk each of them gave every milking session. She would be lying if she had said she wasn't ecstatic at the turn of events. Not only had she gotten a trio of cows, she also got tons of Jewels for their milk. She actually began to refer to them as her "cash cows."
Already Belle had begun to use her new found money in various ways. All of her furniture had been replaced with the latest trend of furniture. She had bought a loud of the latest fashions and simply stuffed them into her closet. Upgrading to a poor farm girl, to a filthy stinking rich farm girl. Although all of the profits were good and all, she began to
:iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 135 12
The contractor returns
The contractor returns
By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)
Sally and Brian were a happy couple, married for three years nearly four. But Sally was unhappy in one thing, her sex life! When she and Brian were just going out, the sex was unbelievable. The first year of there marriage was good as well, but at the years went on their sex lives went to almost zero.
While Brian was at work, Sally sat home wondering what to do since she had cleaned the entire house.
“Man I’m bored,” Sally cried out “I’ve done everything I needed to do, I don’t need to work until next week and all I want is some great sex for once”
“You can” A voice told her, Sally nearly jumped out of her skin as she turns to see a man standing behind her. The man was in his mid thirties with short spiky brown hair and bread and dressed casually.
“Who are you, how did you get in? The door is locked!” Sally asks as she got up to her feet.
“Easy Sally, I’m just he
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 71 15
(Woman to Cow)
Erica had a decent life.  Her husband had passed, leaving her their country farm.  She’d aged, but she’d aged well, her face mostly devoid of the creases that plagued other women her age.  She was well past the age at which she could bear children, but she’d already had a beautiful daughter named Becca.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either; she’d been able to take the goof with the bad thus far.  Until Becca had married Jurgen.
Jurgen.  Just the thought of his name brought a snarl to her face.  Luckily, she had a plan to deal with him.  She’d visited the town’s apothecary earlier today, quickly dismissing his warnings of how dangerous the majicks she was invoking were.  His warnings only made her more excited—unstoppable and irreversible changes were exactly what she had in mind.
Yes, Jurgen had almost no use as a man, but as a bull he’d bring the family a
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 196 13
Tf by request
TF by request
By the shadow demon
(Man into female cow)
Benjamin loves his life, a farm that soon be his, a girlfriend that he can treat like shit and no one telling him other whys, Ben just was simple a king. As one day as Ben was working in the barn his girlfriend Joy, came other with a glass of milk on a tray.
“What’s this?” Ben asks wondering why such a change of heart.
“You’ve been working so hard, I thought you need a drink to refresh you” Joy said with slightest grin on her face.
Ben grabs the cup and swallows all the milk in one gulp.
“Well it’s about time you showed respect to me” Ben told her whipping away the milk away from his mouth.
“No, it’s your turn to show respect” Joy growls
“What, how dare you talk to me like that!” Ben yells, then he paused he felt strange, really strange as f his whole body was rejecting him.
Holding on his gut tightly, he can fell extra room in his pants.
Ben even weirder as he
:iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 122 36


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