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I keep thinking about the summer and how I'm going to go to Ukraine with the money I'm saving and buy more dogs lol,   Like I have to have A samoyed, A South Russian Ovcharka, and a Black Bolonka. And Ukraine is where I can get them.   I just have to have them.    I thought about getting a caucasion mountain dog or a newfoundland,, but I think i'll wait till i own a house, not renting a place.    I dont think theyd be happy with limited space,.

But before the summer, I have to do 5 months of fulltime work,,  man, thatss going to be hard -- cuz im not going to do school, maybe a class or 2. probably liefguarding,, or dental assistant.

Kuzya and Yaya are so perfect,  they sit next to the door when the want to be let out, and the onl thing i have to be worried about is not leaving my stuff on the ground or else the will chew them up,,   they have destroyed man of my hair accessories it seems to be their favorite and dirt laundry. 

I feel so tired lately, all i want to do is sleeep.  
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Submitted on
November 6, 2014