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Nov 3 I was in the school senior talentshow!
I had a day and half for preparing this,, so I was super nervous, becuase I didnt have enough practice and most of it was on whim..
if i had at least a week or a month it would have been a thousand times better,

but im still proud of how i did,,.

It felt so good, i loved being up there, i loved the nervous feeling before and after.   I learned again how much more experience and practice I need if I really want to keep continuing (which i do).  Ya, now im going to go practice my scales, now..                WHen Will i start hitting notes and sounding awsome????
So in elementary school I was so into redwall! i finished the whole book series and loved tv show,      so now im just watching some eps, nostalgia..  

today was such a good school day, i woke up at 10 am and realized i was late. then i waited for my mom to get home and so i was at school by 12pm, yep. in choir today we watched halloween youtube vids, that was so much fun, i was screaming, 

going to do ma makeup and go trick or treating!! candyi think i wont stop going, ever.  i was talking with some people at school and it seems its 'weird'? to go trick or treating , alot said they stopped in 6th grade???    WHAT? this is news to me.  why do people stop going? its sososos much fun!!

Im going to scare :pumpkina ton of people with my clown :clowns:makeup and wig YES!

i havent written the 'silly cherries' halloween theme park chapter yet, but i will. ill probably get some inspirations from tonight,    
  My goal starting a couple days ago, is to make my fb page and youtube popular. oh ya. becauase im totalllly awsome,,      

i havent done much or (none) halloween themed drawingsss, oh well,   i usually draw them,  i would have an excuse for drawing something horrifying now, but ill do it for kicks some other time.:nuu:
Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Pumpkin La :pumpkinglompage: :pumpkinglompage: :pumpkinglompage: :pumpkinglompage: :pumpkinglompage: Tardkin  I LOVE PUMPKINS!!!!! Happy Halloween  This is Halloween :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: revamp :pumpkin: :pumpkin: Happy Halloween Happy Halloween :pumpkin :pumpkin 
:iconturtlegirl110:  Sierra,  drew a totallly adorable pic of Cherry and her OC Riki (WHO IS SO ADORABLE WITH AFLOWER IN HER HAIR!!)          THANK YOU SOSO MUCH!! I love it,  Her style of drawing is very CCUUUUTE, and DIFERENt! yay<3
Cherry and Riki by turtlegirl110

<div class="">
Its an aswome anime, its so entertaining, it has a cast of very lovable characters, the style is very realistic, arm muscles popping out, thick necks, and the jokes the make are funny, and the boxing match are so interesting, and they get beat up. so thats awsome.   in a week ive watched 46 episodes and thats sososos bad, cuz u know after you finish a series, the characters kinda leave your life, even though you loved them so much, but its not like you're going to re-watch episodes, sooo, im gonna make the series last me till the end of the year, thats about  1 ep a day, thats gooood,  >< yayayay.        i was thinking on drawwing im gonna focus on details, drawing frills, ruffles, little intricate things, i think it would be cool to be good at that,,  maybe focus on more guys, like hajime no ippo characters, 

and there is a talent show coming up at school , going to be practicing for that real hard, practice makes perfect!, gonna sing a song, not sure what style or song yet though, i better decide realluy soon , like tomorrow,   

act on saturday Yeah, who needs ACT prep.. i can take that test without studying, ,   this time i printed out the ticket, after that absolutely embarrasing last month ACT attempt, I showed up ad then realized that they canceled my test, 

and then thers this kinda hard anatomy paper due on the first,   and college enrollments due on first,, gosh i haven't done neither, better hop to it.. Im such a slacker, and really bad procrastinator    I used to think that procrastinator was a bad word till last year i looked it up in a dictionary.. ///.//,   kinda like yakko's misinterpretation of the word conjugation. lol
So I went to bed late and in the morning I didn't feel like going to school and so I went at 12pm, I'm always late and missing a a couple days, but I have my school work undercontrol,  but I was worried that the school would report me for truancy, and in the casual conversation I had with the attendance lady she said that there is a policy at the school not to report seniors!!!!! Thank god!! Becuase if it happened again I'd be screwed,  I already went to court for it once,  and my parents paid an awful fine, I'd hate for that to happen again.  So yaaaaaaay.

I'd don't have any plans right now for animaniaccs art,   None,, 
well I sat down on the computer and decided to look up magical girl pictures, tokyo mew mew, wedding peach and creamy mami , I LOVE THEM SOSOSOSO MUCH!!!! magical girlyss YAY!,   all sparkly with Adorable outfits, striking poses. yep. and then i went outside on the bike and slipped and fell in the mud and broke my sister's flipfliops,, she'll flip when she finds out, those were her favorite pair,  and i got all muddy, i felt pretty silly.  And also today i read the book 'playing with matches too much' and that was just weird and disturbing,  , ive had the song 'pineapple princess' stuck in my head alll dayy, !  recently i dont feel like thinking about anything, im so sick and tired of all these unrequited loves ive had. it has really made me sad, and yeah, whenever i read a book or stuck on a series usually theres a character or 2 thatll stick to me for a little bit then im through, I USed to love Dinky from the littles and Matt from Cyberchase, WT*??? im totally not like that anymore, nope, nope, now its just me, my Ocs, and yakko.   YEPetty yep, i really have to get involved in something,, instead of lazing around the house,    i applied for some jobs, i hope they call back,, i hopeee, why would someone not hire mee?         yesterday i saw the movie ;'waywayway back' i liked it alot , even though noone else in ma house  did,   it was a very sweet and i especially loved how there were no electronics,   I like my mp3 player to listen to music to, but i think ill spend the rest of my days without a phone, i have to find ways to cut back on my computer use,  actually the only thing i use it for is to watch movies, download music, and go on some social media sites ,, whadda bout you?

1.- You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (You don't have to do this anymore.. DA shows when you tag people now)
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
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9.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

QUESTIONS For me Jammin'

1. what's your least favorite holiday? 

Columbus Day, it should been Magellan Day. I love that guy, 

2. if you had a magic carpet, where would you go?

Lalaland, WAit no im already here,  I'd go to Ukraine to see my grandmother and cousins again, I miss them Really Sad

3. do you have a favorite action movie?

Wakko's Wish

4. favorite snack food?

Orenge Leaf Frozen Yogurt

5. favorite animal?

Warners, dogs. Orcas, rabbits, donkeys, horses, manta rays, spiders, jellyfish, worms

6. your biggest fear?

Gaining so much weight that is would be hard to lose lol

7. if you were stranded on an island and had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


8. top 5 shippings?

Its hard to come up with them so from the top of my head:

Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Billy and Pinky, Wakko and Yakko, Ivan and Vasilissa, Ichigo and Kisshu

9. what do you do on a stormy day?

Bike in the pouring rain, get soaked with thunder and lightning above me.

10. the best thing that has happened to you?

Getting hit by a car in front of school lol.  

I choose you!




by VeganAspergiangurl


by 432451





Questions YOU MUST ANSWER!!! I made them up yeah!

1 At school what do you do when you're bored?

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

3 What is your favorite mode of transportation? (Plane, car, trolley, pogostick, etc.)

4 What do you do with your family on holidays?

5  What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

6  You are walking home in the dark, you see something move. What/Who is it(guess)? What do you do?

 What is your favorite word or phrase?

8  What is a language you would like to understand and speak?

9 Do you want to keep living in the country/state you are in? or would you want to move somewhere else? where?

10 What did you do on what you consider to be the best summer of your life?

my popularity has gotten wasy down youtube (i was never popular but now its nothing)

i should start doing more videos that appealed to viwers like this one, my recent ones suck, just boring voice covers with my face up to the camera,
In the middle of gym class I paused and tought about how it would be cool if in the show they had th 3 warner brother (yakki wakki and smakki) the more the merrier!
so i have a couple pages of the comic done and i think i have a nice story going on,   also AstrotheBandiFox  Alex came up with a new character for me and we tweaked him together,  his name is Vasilly and i'll have some pictures of him posted and more information on him!   He'll be appearing in the next chapter of my story becuase i already have the first done, ill be posting soon. 

i really have to pull myself together stuck in between feeling like im the one that just got divorced because ive thought about it so much, animaniac thoughts, and school.
Animaniac songs are all TONGUE TWISTERS!!!!! goodness, how many times do i have to practice before i can actually sing one with messing up??
Right now im going into a bird phase,, learning about different birds, and drawing them and wanting one,- -   i g o through so many different phases every couple days, i months writing 'doydles16' as my name on school papers and turning them in (i have no idea anymore) , wanting a shark and a manta ray, and lots other things that are hard to maintain and take care of,,
Even though i havent been posting anything lately, its cuz i dont have a camera right now but when i do i'll be postin what i made <3!
practice drawings different breeds of horses and ponies
practice drawing ribbons
draw lots of flowing hair
draw lots of flowers
amd improve my cartoon people , recently they have been lacking,
draw some clowns, dolls, and magical girls,
im now a my little pony fan!! theres just so many~ and theyre all so cute!!!!!!,,,,  i actually prefer the 1980s tv version, 
you know how anime has anime conventions

where do animaniacs fans gather? what kind of convention?
i totally decided on cherry's personality and bg, and made an older brother for her (banjo) 

and i'll be making a fanfic comic main focus on the warners and cherry will be a tag along character, 

who am i kidding i cant write,,, wait thats what i tell myself, I can and I will.   its gonna be tough making good lines for Yakko, Wakko, and Dot ><
I draw animaniacs everyday and listen to the songs,, won't I go crazy? im on my way there,,  thats what the show does to you doesnt it?

They made it tooo awsome,   too zany and insaney

i kinda calm down when i get to draw other things, like still life, and designs,,   ah, why should i draw more animaniacs? its not healthy, But I WANT TO!! but WHY??? 

i get a bit embarrased when other people like family catch me listening to children music :blush:   in choir im having trouble since everyone can sight read except me,   

i should just get to developing my original comic, which im calling 'Lollipop Love Me Do' ,, I really dont know where i came up with that title, but i did, and i like it,  for me the trouble with really starting on it, is i want to layout the whole plot so that later on i dont mess it up,,  but its very close for the first couple pages to come out,   im going to start out with only couple of characters and later on new ones get introduced,   did i tell the basic plot already should i ?
Everytime I draw a smile, I smile,,   its kinda weird,  
I reached 1,000 pageviews,

what does that meanm idk…
i randomly watched this 
i made that last year,, 

i should another cool video like that

im so glad im in choir, im actually going to learn to sing properly