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Mal Malloy weight gain

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You look amazing now... keep it up!🤩

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Yes, but my thighs are so fat! I've got such a flabby ass! I mean, I'd say even you can't possibly find this sexy? You don't *really* want me to fatten up *even more*, do you? Well, alright, bring me the food... you really are getting "excited" about this aren't you!? You really like fat women...


But... I'm huge, already! Look at me! I'm obese! I must be at least twice as big as when we started! You really, really want me to keep getting even more huge? Wouldn't you find me less attractive if I doubled in size again!? The bigger, the better?..

Well, in *that* case...

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Mal kept shoving bite after bite into her mouth. Calorie after Calorie. Whatever she was eating, was loaded with calories. She was eating and you were watching her grow right before your eyes. Her humongous tits were swelling bigger, her belly growing rounder and pushing out, thighs getting plumper, arms swelling up, and her ass growing in a manner that lifted her up from where she was sitting. It was like she was a balloon swelling from the input it was given. She was your big sexy growing woman. It wouldn't be long until she was perfect girl for you.

Wish this was me

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The one eating, or watching?
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Ah, I'd watch you grow and grow. I'd also do more if you were up for it.😉
its actually a shame, mal used to have an easy spot in top 5 asses of all time. she is still quite attractive at her current size but for different reasons. the shape of the booty has fallen victim to that weight gain; the hourglass she had before was just perfect.
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I respectfully disagree - I find her much more attractive at the higher weight.

She is absolutely beautiful at the higher weight in my opinion. She has such an amazing body and is beautiful to boot. I'd love to meet her and see if the person on the inside is as beautiful as the body on the outside

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