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Torrent Folder - Leopard

Here's a folder for torrents.

(I use this icon for an Automator droplet that moves my torrents to a specified folder and opens them in my torrent client)

I have included the PNGs for each size in addition to the ICNS and RSRC files for greater versatiliy.
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Awesome! Now I can differentiate from my Transmission and regular folders on the fly!
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Nice work!!~ I love it... Now it get to sit on my Home folder :D

THanks!! ^-^
I like. Thanks!
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I had been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks, it's awesome.
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do yu think you could make a brown one (leopard like that is ;) )great job tho
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I understand too how do with what you said could make a tutorial in image or video capture directed to folder an icon Leopard

Help me, and you can give a little of your time for us beginners
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It is hi-rez. what you see (when you click to make it big) is actual size.
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is it high res? leopard supports 512x512 icons!
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I do has no mac, I am on how to make your Windows not a source file or make a tutorial with photoshop filters that you have done to put an icon leopard
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Thanks, everyone

I'm afraid I did this the hard way (no easy filters to use).
If you double-click an .icns file it will open in Preview. You can then save each size as a .png to edit in photoshop (check /System/Library/CoreServices and show the package contents of CoreTypes.bundle for generic .icns)
I tried my best to match the shadow image color/opacity by eye, then I added shadows & highlights (you could do this with "bevel & emboss" but I wanted to fine-tune it).
The shadow image itself has a gradient, just like the folder.
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Pretty Work

I want done icons leopard but how you doing to include the symbol in the folder you use an effect in photoshop?

Please help me and answer me
Could you tell us how have you done ? (A photoshop tutorial? :D)
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I second the above comment, nice icon btw :D
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