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Stuffed Folder - Vista

As requested, here is a version in Vista Style (for windows).

I do not, however, recommend using Windows for ANY reason.
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nice icon... for all the misc. stuff on pc
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ty alot i will totally use this one, but the mac one is even nicer
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Very nice icon, with a very good integration on Windows Vista!
Very good job!

This icon is now used for my very messed documents folder!

And, every OS is good!
Long life to Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux!
Peace and OS love! Don't troll, don't make the war! ;)
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I soooooooo need this one !! :giggle:
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ha0ha0ha messing pc! nice one
Tis' the "newborn newbie" again to let you know ... not only have I found the "vertical stuffed vista icon" ... BUT (smile) in viewing your other reviews and posts, I see there are a view like "me" wanting "more" (smile)!

It's good to know I'm not the "only packrat" (smile)!

God Bless -Jacquie
Wow! Very nice 177aharba!

Any chance you could make the folder green rather than yellow to match the Documents/Downloads/Music/Pictures/Video colour scheme as seen in the user's folder?
i love this icon! thxxxxxxxxxx
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I love the irony of this.
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i'm only using windows until my laptop dies then i can buy a beautiful mac book! :aww:
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Lol. I agree. Windows.. uhmmm.. Mac and Linux, use use. :D. Windows is used for the needed. Very good icon.. cYA..... Please check out my work.
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I really enjoi this icon...Very accurate in its idea.
My Documents is a stuffed folder....Thanks for this....NOW MAKE MORE!
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Thanks, you guys are all so nice!
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BTW, 2nd deviation and getting 330 downloads in 2 days, that's a hell of a good start :)

Wellcome to DA!
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Yeah, they do :) nice icon!

This one will fits very well in my pc... :D
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The new Vista icons do look good, though ;)
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Lack of control ... oh, and viruses.

No offense or anything, but whatever you're doing on Windows, you could do on Linux for free (and Free).
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*I do not, however, recommend using Windows for ANY reason.* lol what makes you say that?
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that looks awesome!
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