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Procedural Rock Generator for C4D V 1.01b

::: Procedural Rock Generator for C4D V 1.01b :::

You have the following Options so far:

- Resolution controlls for the base object and the HyperNurbs Subdivisions

- Size of the base object

- 2 layers of displacement heights

- Access to all built in C4D noise shaders for deformation

- Controll the noise sizes and seeds

The best noise for the basic shape is "Displaced Voronoi" at a size of 1000 - 1800

Choose a small displacement height for the rock details

For modelling use a mesh subdivision of 50 -100 and for rendering and export a subdivision of 300 - 400

HyperNurbs subdivision is only for smoothing (leave it between 1-2) and gives not more details at high values

Feel free to post any wishes for optimizing this tool ;)

Tutorial here [link]
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Everything is cool, but how do I download it?

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Its a rly awesome project for generating rocks! You rock, bro!

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Looks cool but where is the download link?
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Look near the top right corner of this page, there you'll find a download button.
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This is amazing, thank you. Working with it on R18.
can i change the sphere to another
poly object?
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Too much polys mate. Why not create low poly stones and then put a displacement map during rendering?
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Thanks for this nice tool, but as it is it unuseable in any RT use, unless taken through a tedious process of simplification, is there any way to make a low polygon rock generator? thanks in advance, this is the only problem i went across your work.
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i dont have any experience in RT applications but i think a rock in RT lives form minimal polygons and maximal texture with some depht in bump.
Try also some displacement on low poly geometry, it works wonders on a rock with 7-8 polygons :) Try a mix of some noise in the displacement channel.
It really depends how effective your RT system is. Is it optimal on polygons or really fast on bump or displacement? Try ;)
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CINEMA 4D Broadcast
Several plugins used in this project are missing. Saving may cause loss of plugin data! Plugin 'VrayBridge' (ID 1019782) Plugin 'Sky-Material' (ID 1011149) Plugin 'VrayAdvancedMaterial' (ID 1020295)
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the Plugins "VrayBridge" and "VrayAdvancedMaterial" are form the render engine Vray4C4D and the plugin "Sky-Material" is from the visualize or studio version of C4D.

But they are not of concern for the Procedural Rock Generator to work.
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i see. Thank you! 
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Great work! Glad to see something like this for free!
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I have linked this here [link]
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You are welcome
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Cool idea. Thank you for sharing.
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