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Purple Guy - Shimeji

By 15yamiko
So the link now:

If there are some bugs tell me in comments and specify which, I would try to repair them !
I hope you like it ! =)

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hello, author, I click on the button (activate) but nothing happens, what should I do?

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I usually spam click it until it works. But if it still doesn't work, check if you have the good version

Mi corazon se derrite de amor por esto 😍

yo tengo un problema ósea el shimeji me funciona pero solo tiene una funcion y es la de eliminarse

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No comprendo español muchas.

Como lo agrego ese monito del hombre morado?

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No hablo español mucho. No comprede que te dice. Hablo Ingles ?

My text is all boxes? Is this normal or do i have a computer issue :,)

love it by the way super cute :)

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Your text ? What do you mean ?

for somewhat reason it keeps giving me a .rar data of purple guy but i need a .zip one for it to work ;-;

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Oh shoot um let me check, I'll try to correct it

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Ok I'll try to give a link for a .zip file. If it doesn't work, look for a .rar to .zip online converter. I'll do my best

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I try to download it, but when I start shimeji up, it say I missing some movement, and the movement is the mouse chasing one... I think
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Mmh weird. You're the only one who with that problem. Maybe your computer didn't downloaded it correctly. I tried myself to uninstall and reinstall and it works perfectly. I can't really help you. Sorry
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maybe because My laptop is on a window 8?
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I am having the same problem but my laptop is windows 10. This is all I see when it wont load him in.

Annotation 2020-06-08 112106
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Ah well do you have any other shimeji ? It's been a long time and I'm not really an expert in programing (I used a pre-made shimeji and simply put the pictures of shimeji purple guy on top...), I apologize... When these problems happened to me I uninstalled the shimeji so yeah ^^' Maybe to look on google for the solution ? I don't really know how to help here because it work for others so the problem come from your laptop :/

No, all others work fine

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Ah :/ Well I'm sorry but I can't help Sorry

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