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waterfall matte painting

And now for something completely different .
a little exercise on matte painting.
Hey , Look , the sexy toons guy do some prof work too , ha ha .

This is a mix of photos and painting .
I collected some images of buildings , vegetation and water , and mix all together to compose this fantasy scene .
as an example , originaly , that castle was side by side , and just half the waterfalls are photos , most of them are painted .

In my last update , I added a Cable car ( totally painted)

BTW , all in photoshop cs2 , in 12 hours .

you can see the wip on my other page.

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fucking awesome!
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Sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly does "matte" mean? Is that the word for when you combine photographs with digital painting to make art?
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I guess if you google "Matte painting" you will have better answers for your question , with billions of examples online .
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Nice. Its almost that your in one of those 'final fantasy' games.
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Brilliant. 100% brilliant!
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You *painted* this?  Thought for sure it was a photograph.  NICE! :D
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This is pretty sweet. One day. one day...
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awesome work :)
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amazing artwork!
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its powerful yet a tiny logical notice
since i am a geotechnical engineer the cast with castle with the waterfall underneath it can not sustain it will fall sooner or later :)
morrigan9's avatar
I wonder I could do that in a future...
kisuke-hc's avatar
thats great,
one thing i noticed, while the castle are highly detailed, but the background lacks detail, just my though...
check my matte painting too fellow matte painter :)
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Pretty amazing :judge:
excellent work dude.[link]
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So beautiful, I like the cableway above the vacuum
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Are this isn't a picture? This looks like a picture and you drew it?! Amazing!
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Yea finally found it!
So amaizing!!
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I love the little triangle part on the left in front of the waterfall, it reminds me of Minas Tirith from lord of the rings. :D
great job.
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Good work 14-bis
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