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Sexy girls , sexy guys , so why not a sexy Plane ?

Macross is one of my favorite animes of all times .
And for the kids , I am talking about the original Japanese version of 1985.

Btw , its MACROSS and NOt robotech !!!

The Valkyrie itself is one of the greatest invention of the anime guys .
A plane that can transform into a Mecha .
and this was the first one .
anything else , is a folded robot , ha ha .

This scene was incredible , with the fail on the artificial gravity , the girl fall to her death , and the hero fly to help her on a now vertical street, full of debris.
That is sci-fi at its best , and I dare Hollywood to do something as good as this .

I am not expecting too many favs on this art , since I know why most people look at my page .
Oh well , Cest La Vie .

Sketched and painted on Photoshop4 , in 8 hours .
Download for the full resolution
and check the WIP image .
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wow still remember watching this as a kid great job
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Great art from one of the greatest anime series of the last 30 years.

love the damage detail on the starboard wing.
TatsujinEdge's avatar
Great work one of my favs :)
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Uma das cenas da serie, e depois refeita neste OVA, que marcaram minha infancia.
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zeroknight07Hobbyist Artist
reminds me of an anime I loved when I was little

Outlaw Star
koravenknight's avatar
Awesome!!!! :-D
Ronin201's avatar
one of the kings of anime
KhyronTheBackstabber's avatar
Finally, a real Macross fan.
Even though I do like Robotech.
I did watch the original and loved it.
Nothing really compares these days.
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this pic is actually from the Macross: Do You Remember Love movie where hikaru tries desperately to catch up to a falling Minmay and rescues her, at the cost of his valkyrie
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NeoSwordsmanZHobbyist Writer
Ma-ku-ross!! :iconfuckyeaplz:
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bulletbarrageHobbyist General Artist
I remember this from a cutscene in a shmup Macross game
it was epic and you've recreated the epicness :D
Vulpes-Erratum's avatar
Vulpes-ErratumHobbyist Digital Artist
Too true, I hate when the series is referred to as Robotech. It's Macross people, マクロス!
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Axelarius General Artist
This is awesome, truly.
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3D-BrainxProfessional Digital Artist
Best anime ever! awesome scene!

Very nice work.
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you can save her, Jetfire!!!
TRONIC6100's avatar
daaaaaam goog job!!
Raded-Skull's avatar
Hot damn that is awesome, I might just watch the anime myself.
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zoroblind69Hobbyist General Artist
damn! love the high speed action going on in this picture
Lordoffantasy's avatar
is there really ANY difference between macross and robotech?
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Volador-N7Hobbyist General Artist
You did a Freaking amazing job recapturing that scene!! I just seen Macross: Do you remember love movie about two month ago and I was blow away by it. Definitely my favorite anime movie of all time. I only wish I discover the movie a lot sooner since I been a fan of the series since I was ten.
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Impresstive and exllcent work here
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Bluegazer83Hobbyist Artist
The best! Good good work. Added to favs.
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