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Trailer Trash

Just for fun , a new Marie Kanker image .
In all her garbage beauty .

On this painting , I did something completely different .
Everything is in one layer .
Is fun to paint without worrying with layers or masks .
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...aaaand who that be peekin' through the fence? :giggle:
Even in the middle of the trash, the trailer trash beauty is still.... beautiful.
Legion-001's avatar
damn jaja images like this make re-wacht the show in tooncast with diferent eyes XD
antone1234's avatar
Lost-Luggage's avatar
Why must Marie be so awesome?
IceWolf555's avatar
Eh?? Whose eye that peeks on her?? Peeker Tom!
ArthursKnights's avatar
I always hated the Kanker sisters, yet I always found Marie to be rather cute.
BelleMaske's avatar
Damn, she actually looks hot! Great job!
DS4ever's avatar
oh man Marie is so adorable looking so rebely...cute pic of the beauty Kanker
I think you did a better job making her look scary than the original art style of the show allowed.
TheBluebird27's avatar
HAHAHA its funny because it's TRUE. LOVE IT!!
Midnafan1012's avatar
You're doing deviatations of EVERYTHING!!!!
codezt17's avatar
OMG, trailer trash LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
halohalofailo's avatar
She was always my favorite kanker
dragons4life's avatar
you are awesome, all of your pictures are bringing back some good old memories
boborly713's avatar
avengerbluex's avatar
I really luv this girl, Good job man
Vexxoverlord's avatar
wow i didnt think it was possible for her to become sexy
AvatarSeifer's avatar
so that's what cuteness looks like when im wasted...I can dig that..
Derrk's avatar
so pretty i lover marie in ed edd and eddy ~ now who may i ask is peeping through that hole there? =w=
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