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Another commission to :icondahoser:
He asked me to make a surprise image with miss bell .
I presented him with the idea of her as a pole dancer , but using something of her scale.
Maybe someday I will have done to him all the princess and faeries , ha ha .
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Move over Terrance, Tink needs a real man.
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My god, she looks absolutely gorgeous! Excellent work! 💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚
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like this hot stuff
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Love her since 1969 ;)
14-bis's avatar
Me too .
Too bad they changed her so much to fit the new sjw generation
ILoveIceAreas's avatar
her CGI is just as hot as her classic form.
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Hot lil thing
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I'm Faving this pic! Very Sexy and beautiful piece of artwork of Tinkerbell!
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I just save her in my screensaver (save all loveableTinkerbell's in it), and she's hot one!
glowing-muffin's avatar
Hey, what program you use to make this? :)
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I never thought that I would ever get a boner from Tinkerbell.
glowing-muffin's avatar
WOW! How you make it look realistic?
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its a matter of understanding light and shadows , and some good shaders .
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she will try anything, and peter still won't notice her love.
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You have been featured here [link] :heart::hug:
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Are you doing point comissions?
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The Merchendise has to end when they Release the final movie on Blu-Ray
EspioArtwork31's avatar
Leotard is Unstoppable So is She her Pin Up Pictures came from her Legs Her ness lay from her Butt her lips cheeks and smile turn at us her cute eyes brought Ferngully back to Hell and Sci-Fi PIXAR was loosing its minds Direct to Video ruined the Cartoon Universe and Computer Animation was betraying its talking animals with Human hands st patrick's day is over we're deaf and stand like a leaf on a rose Forget a Bug's Life and Arthur Minimoys from Mightiest French Action EuropaCorp Company Studios
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holy cats.... Tink looks bloody amazing.
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those Legs <333 Awesome.
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