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Here is Rarity , from the new MLP cartoon .
Yes , this image was made 101% in photoshop.

Lauren faust said that the main pony on the show represent everything a girl can be .
In this case , rarity proves that a girl can be Fabulous , and Beautiful.
I based this image on the episode Dragonshy , were rarity tried to dialog with the dragon , and at the same time get some fine jewels to her .

Character created by Lauren Faust , (C) Hasbro

And about the MLP illustrations , here is the order of the next ones .

-Pinkie Pie Party
-Applejack at sunset
-fluttershy in the forest
-Zecora's witchcraft
and maybe
-The great and Powerfull TRIXIE
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How do you feel about rarity when she embraced her inner hillbilly?

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hey,14-bis do you take requests? if you do,then i was wondering if you can draw my mlp oc/ponysona a.k.a firefly solstice? also do i have to pay you points or anything? here's a reference sheet of my mlp oc/ponysona.
Mlp Me A.k.a Firefly Solstice All Forms Reference by twidashfan1234
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I am sorry , but I have bills to pay .
so , you are welcome to help me buying a commission , and I am sure I can do wonders with your OC .
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Spike: Rarity, I can't sleep...tell me a story.

Rarity: Well, Spike, have I ever told you about the time I defeat a swarm of Meridianite orcs with just my bare hooves?
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Badass Rarity is not afraid to still a dragon's booty in front of him.
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Wow. This is a nice picture of Rarity.

 Chibi Rarity Belle Icon 
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She would've charm the dragon if she haven't touched his stuff.
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rarity is dead the dragon will eat her.
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Oh darling it simply Gorgeous!
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*slowly and quietly adds to favorites*
(I love it!)
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*grin* if you add up all the treasure... its not even 0.001% of her beauty!
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Rarity the pony which deserves all the money :D :XD:
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Her eyes are so pretty <3
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Wow!!! It's so realistic and amazing!!! Full of details, lights and shadings, effects... just wow!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
Excellent job! ;) ;) ;)
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Rarity: "Don't I look glamorous in these jewels?!"
Dragon: "Pony. Steal. Must. Attack."
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Oh my, is this picture old or something :D
The series was only a couple of months old back then and yet it already inspired people to make awesome stuff.
Fantastic work!
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*Pulls out a sword* Fear not, I shall save you, m'lady!
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Oooooh she made him mad! Fantastic btw!
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