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OC Cat

Commissioned work .

Well , the client asked me to turn one of my old black kitty images on his OC .
It was interesting , :)

For commission details , please take a look on the image bellow . :) (Smile)

Commission Info by 14-bis

Thanks for watching  , and please support me on my Patreon page .
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She's one fine feline!!
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impressive art work!!!
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Ela é bonita e charmosa! cute 
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A different sexy kitty chicks. Well she's a Tuxedo Cat! but also known as the Cow Cat (because of her spots, like a cows), or like an OREO kitty. I like your Anthro-Cat Art, So Hot, So Adorable. Furtastic! For a Furry Fashion.

cat planet cat planet

Although, what is exactly OC stands for?

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Original Character.
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Ooo la la, cat in lingerie. =p That catnip smell will surely attract lots of males for sure. :o
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You did an awesome job! She’s purrfect!
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putty cat I like her :3 
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