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Mane six

Drawing one pony is hard , drawing SIX at one was really not easy .
not to mention a little hairy .

But This image is Special ,
Its my celebration of my SIX Million page views here on DA .

And This was the only 6 I could think of . :P

Thanks for all for the views and support .
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Mane six magnificence!
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So beautiful!!!!
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What an instant EQUESTRIAN masterpiece! ;D 
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Fantastic job!!!Keep it up!!!
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Awesome work and congrats
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Ah, sweet memories.... mah old hitlist.... >8)
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Awesomly sweet pic!
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OMG! 6 MILLION!Attack On Titan Icon: Moves Like Jeager !  Congratulations  in any and every manner!
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Wonderful work.

Congrats on the 6M pageviews.
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Congrats man! well deserved six million + pageviews Clap 
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adorable, and congratulations!
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Congrats all around!  That's quite the following for an artist on the DA and its good to see your still posting away to show wonderful character from ponies, bodacious female alien overlords and the classic XJ9.  Quite the accomplishment and cheers to all your many countless years you've spent on the site and always have put full heart into what you create.

And no worries on the ponies either.  Its a blast to experience your artwork again and I'm sure plenty more hits and praise to your work will come.  Keep on drawing 14bis! *broohoof*

PS - Well noted your work with each the characters.  Besides just drawing each of these ponies its good to see you caught their personalities.  Fluttershy's bashfulness, Rarity's classy charm, AJ's friendly and warm approach and the little Twilight that connects them all.  Bravo! *nods*

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They look really good in your style.  Left field question here but did you ever color that image of Gaz you did awhile back?
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A cool Mane 6 Million!!!
Congrats, Fern!
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You have not seen a pony for a long time, you have to catch up and learn again.
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You're very welcome!!
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