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Maid Marian

Commissioned work .

last one for halloween .
Maid Marian as a ghost bride ..or something like that . hehe

For commission details , please take a look on the image bellow . :) (Smile)

Commission Info by 14-bis

Thanks for watching  , and please support me on my Patreon page .
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Ooh, I like it. Simple but really pretty.

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SadaraX ?!

I havent seen you online for ages .... :P

thanks for the comment on my image .

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Oh hi! Yeah I have been here the whole time. I just don't say much I guess. ;) Glad you remember me.

14-bis's avatar

Yep , from the old times , with Fluffy , and DmajorBoss .

just a decade ago .... :P

SadaraX's avatar

Wow... now I feel old. :-/ :-P

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Maid Marian looks good in your style; the wavy gate/ railings add an illusional touch to this ghoulish scene.
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She beautiful!:love:
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Gorgoeus and beatiful work on ehr
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wow just so beautiful 
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Is that Maid Marian as the Corpse Bride or something? 
Outstanding work :D
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That's a beautiful rendition of Double M!

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Lovely Maid Marian's wedding bride portrait. But at a graveyard?
14-bis's avatar
its ....Halloween ...
or it was when I made the image ..:P

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Oh.. so beautiful 😮
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Ela não convence como noiva-fantasma,porque  não é transparente. :disbelief: Apesar disso,gostei da cena! :aww:
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Oooh, Ghost Bride.
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Thanks again my friend. The pic is amazingly sexy! ^^ 
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Marian is awesomely hot
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