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I like the New Disney Princess.
She is a grow up Woman , and she carries a BLASTER !!!
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The only princess that can that can Take care of herself

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Also Leia isn`t a spoiled brat like Elsa
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Not only a blaster but a hunting blaster, that is overpowered for its size.
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Heh, that's how you kill a movie villain. XD
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Tough girls ROCK :thumbsup::iconpadmeplz:
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That is definitely looking on the bright side!
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well I don't think she's part of the Disney princess franchise: [link].
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In all technicality, Disney owns her and she is a princess, therefore she is a Disney Princess. *shrug*
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They have yet to include her in the princess merchandise for little girls, which is most unlikely, given her strong and anti feminine personality, which is what the princess brand sells., all pretty and pink, Leia is anything but that.
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Which I find sad because girls need a better role model than the cut dry: Find prince, be rescued by prince, Fall in love and get married the end. < News flash What if your hubby isn't around o save you because you thought that;s how this worked? Enter Leia.
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If I had a daughter I wouldn't deprive her of those those Disney fantasies, but would introduce her to other popular characters like Batgirl and Wonder Woman, or even today's Lois Lane.

Leia is only a princess in title. Disney's marketing people aren't going to include her in their Princess brand, or maybe they will when the new movies come out.
I understand where you're coming from, but this character is groundbreaking for that same reason, she is not the typical princess.
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I am aware this is an old comment, but Merida is in the official line up, and she is strong, likes her weapons, has no prince and is certainly not pretty and pink nor feminine, she's wild, strong and boyish. I know lots of young girls who like both Disney Princesses and Star Wars, which makes me feel she'd be welcome by the target audience. 
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I doubt as a corporation they'll merchandise Leia to little girls, she's a military "princess"  from a live action scifi movie not an animated magical faerie tale. In fact she's an icon because in the 1970s she broke the mold and stereotype of the popular concept of princess and damsel in distress.
For that little girls got Merida as you have mentioned. 
Besides Leia became a sex symbol in Return Of The Jedi in the slave gold bikini, before her only Jane Fonda (as Barbarabella) and Raquel Welch in 10000 B.C. were the best known scifi sexy symbols. 
I doubt today's boys see Rapunzel, Merida and Anna as sex symbols.

I just can't conceive that the notion that Disney's marketing will include Leia as part of the Princess franchise for little girls even if they now own Star Wars. Going down the Disney isle at Toys R Us and looking at Leia make up kits, Leia tiaras and Leia dresses all under the brand Disney Princesses, mmm... I don't think so., unless they want to loose money.
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I hadn't thought about her as a sex symbol before, I guess it's as I watched Star Wars when I was younger and I know young girls who think Leia is awesome as well as the other princesses, it just didn't occur to me really XD. I am curious to know how Disney will interpret her character in their films though even if she isn't a part of the line up. 

I think if they really tried hard they could make it work. As in very hard, but I don't think it's impossible. I can't see her as make-up kits as such but on lunchboxes with some of the less girly ones I can. Disney to me seem to like breaking away from some of their traditional girls at the moment, and a sci-fi warrior princess would certainly be breaking away. My cousin(who's 7) would absolutely love it if she was made official. All the same, whether she's put in the official list or not there will be fanart and glamourised versions of her once Disney releases their Star Wars films. 
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looks like Aurora just met her Princess Charming :D
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LOL! That's hilarious!!!
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Leia is badass. According to the Star Wars Encyclopedia, she resisted an Imperial Mind Probe to nearly the point of death, when Vader discontinued using the thing. She's one of the best shots in the Alliance. She becomes a Jedi when Luke teaches her. AND she's a no-nonsense woman who refuses to let the title get in the way of her job. This includes helping repair the Millennium Falcon, coordinate tactics from a crumbling Echo Base, AND being included on the spearhead of the Endor attack force.

That's awesome.
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I like her too!
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"And THAT'S how you cap evil's ass, 'Rora."


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