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Lady Liberty

As you do know , I am a big fan of "Liberty"......
and , after all ..she is french ...

Mademoiselle Liberte . for :iconcdb2: art jam of 4th July.

This was a colaboration image .
My sketch , linno inking , and my coloring .
remember to visit his page . :iconlinno-art:
enjoy .

And happy 4th of July .
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She's showing a bit of her boobs.
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Welcome to Deviantart..

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How she would've looked if the French were going to keep her for themselves.
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I never realized how sexy she could be. Nice job!
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I wish I was a statue of liberty so I could always love her.
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Whelp, time to rebuild the Statue of Liberty to the suggested image, lol, nice work.
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Freedom is sexy!
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:iconsoldierplz:: That's my waifu, soldier!
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Why miss liberty are u trying to seduce me?
TALFIII's avatar
I pledge allegence indeed
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God Bless America!
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Nice art. It's so well done.
Such a beautiful gift.
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oh if only you went metal
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Ive seen our fair lady and she is in no way that appealing. If she was boys, lesbians, and bisexuals every where would be way more patriotic
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That Lady Liberty`s one pretty lady.
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America The Truly Beautiful.
cooljoe123's avatar
Wish the Colossus Of Rhodes can see this.
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