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Asterix le Gaulois

As you can see , I am on an European mood .

Here is Asterix , one of my favorite characters of all time .
Ready to kick some Roman butts , after a good dose of the magic potion.
I cant describe how much fun I had reading his adventures when I was a kid .

On this image I tried an old painting look .
I hope you like it .

BTW , you can see the WIP on my second DA page.

Asterix cretaed by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
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Lot of talent!!!!

Great job!!!

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i loved these movies as a kid great job
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My god this is beautiful.. I love it!!
CaptRicoSakara's avatar
I still remember The 12 Trials of Asterix - that was my favorite film. =3
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I'm from Europe too, so he's my favourite too and i like him so much! :D
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cool pic :)

yeah i use to love reading these as well, i even bought the videos pack they released a few years ago, has all their animated video's in it, well worth buying if you haven't got it already
OptiMario94's avatar
Wonderfull art and i agree asterix is too one of my favorite characters too!
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Make more by Toutatis! Hahaha, I've been reading Asterix since the 3rd grade.
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This bring back memories
MrNintMan's avatar
That looks cool!!!
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WOW........;D Wonderful!
Portosilva's avatar
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You just had to do my favorite comic char ever. My grandma brings them from Germany!!! Thanks for posting, it looks lovely!
saeth-kaleanae's avatar
Heh. An Asterix fan too, huh? Even more awesome.
MarcelloRupelli's avatar
Yes! One of my all-time favorite cartoon series! Really great work on this!
AliceHigurashi's avatar
Oh Tutatis...I grew up reading this. I still reading it. Lately I can´t buy more because they´re expensive :C but it´s the best comic I´ve even read (I like Tintin too but I haven´t read too much of him)
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YOU ARE APRO!!!!!!:iconclapplz:
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Can I take this for
Gypsieeee's avatar
sorry I mean :)
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Magic potion... i.e. a beer?
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