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Favourite genre of music: New age
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Dag and Norbert
Personal Quote: take it easy kid , its just a movie ! (Han Salad)

Favourite Movies
Dark Crystal
Favourite Games
Halo , Halo2
Other Interests
Art , cartoons , mecha , anime , sci-fi

October Commissions

October Commissions

So far , here are the confirmed commissions for October . Slot01- Snazzy Shazam -FINISHED Slot02- Darla Dimple -FINISHED Slot03- Kitty Cartwright -FINISHED Slot04- Lucy Van Pelt -FINISHED Slot05- Mrs Butterbean -FINISHED Slot06- Francine Smith -FINISHED Slot07- Cleopatra in Space -FINISHED Slot08- Creepie -FINISHED Slot09- Susan test -FINISHED Slot10- Mary test -FINISHED Slot11- Kandy Kotton -FINISHED Slot12- Oc Dog Girl -FINISHED Slot13- Jasmine Bunny suit -FINISHED Slot14- OC for Halloween -FINISHED Slot15- Mina Ashido( MHA) -FINISHED Slot16- Velma Dinkley -FINISHED Slot17- Rebecca -FINISHED Slot18- Molly -FINISHED Slot19- Macie -FINISHED Slot20- Cream the rabbit -FINISHED Thanks for watching , and please support me on my Patreon page . www.patreon.com/fern
I cant believe there is an option to force people to watch an artist if you want to see the images. thats bad.

September commissions closed .

September commissions closed .

Again lots of people made reservations , so basically all slots were taken . Here is the list of characters for this month . Btw , Da fixed some bugs but the journal system is still VERY BROKEN . Slot01- Linda Fletcher -sketching Slot02- OC (Kiyone) -sketching Slot03- Tanis -Sketching Slot04- OC -Sketching Slot05- Princess Aurora Bunny suit -Sketching Slot06- Miko (glitch techs) -Sketching Slot07- Eda -sketching Slot08- OC -Sketching Slot09- Oc (Tina) Sketching Slot10- Velma Green spider -Sketching Slot11- Dr. Zara -Sketching Slot12- Mrs. Butterbean -Sketching Slot13- Evalgelyne -Sketching Slot14- Julia Anderson -Sketching Slot15- Filia -Sketching Slot16- Yi -Sketching Slot17- Soul Hayride -Sketching Slot18- Jade Chan -Sketching Slot19- Dora -Sketching Thanks for watching , and please support me on my Patreon page . www.patreon.com/fern

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Ah , thats because I was a 3d artist , and my way of painting is to mimic the look of 3d rendered models , :P

tailsluver29Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your art!!

Thank you .

I try to do my best , :)

Hey there, what movies you are (or were) looking forward to seeing in 2020 and 2021?

After disney ruined star wars , I pretty much gave up on movies .

I only watch anime now on internet , :P