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Sand painting

2 min read
Just to spread the holiday cheer, the sand painting video that our company made this year. So cool.

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Frankly, I'm not all that excited as I was when v6 was revealed. I've beta-tested it for a month or so and find it a little bit more useful than v6.

The only thing that saddens me is that it was released with Wallpaper functionality completely broken :(

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Pen Tablet

3 min read

Today I've bought Wacom Intuos4 (smallest size in the lineup). Now, it's not a secret that I am in no way is a painter of any kind, so WTH you may ask.

Well, I am kinda into learning Japanese language and sometimes I spend days to write a lot of texts in Japanese. Quite often, I stumble upon unknown and obscure kaji that I don't know how to read. For that purpose there is a really cool thing in Japanese IMEs - kanji pad, which allows to draw ideographs. But sometimes when the kanji is quite complex, it is extremely hard to draw it with the mouse.

Just an example: I've spent an hour to draw this thing - 军 - with the mouse in IME and failed, but on my iPhone I was able to draw it from the first try. (Note, thought, that it's not that complex, just obscure Chinese character which requires extra careful drawing to be recognized).

So, this should explain why the tablet and size. Why Intuos4 you may ask. Well, because I would answer. Just because my works are ugly and worth nothing doesn't mean that I don't like to paint something once in a while. Also, using Windows 7 with all that touching capabilities built deep into the system, it should be really fun just to use it instead of mouse :p

The only sad thing is that importing this thing isn't cheap (I paid $360 instead of nominal $230), but that's how things are going. Now I can't wait for next Tuesday when it should arrive.

Also, I am trying out CSS customization. Let's hope it'll work out well.

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Today, on the April 1st, all beta-testers of dA were officially entrusted a title of a honorable snowmen (or snow-women). Like this: ☃.
The proof of it will be stored and treasured by the Internet depths and will remain there till the end of time.

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Well, hello there. I honestly don't know why, but recently a few people started to :+devwatch: me (is there were a flashmob?).
But anyway, I promised a normal blog entry ;)
So, what I've been doing for a past few months, you ask me? Well, a lot of different things.
For example, I'm finally watched Paprika :w00t: Thanks to :iconsoftmeanie: for her gorgeous wallpaper that pushed me far enough to spend 2 hours on this anime.
Also, I've finally watched Kung Fu Panda. It's really fun, you should definitely watch it.

On the creative side, there's nothing in art, but a lot in programming (oh, yes, surprise :paranoid:).
I've spent a lot of time on looking into the Ubiquity project of Mozilla. Even though it's in an early alpha stage, it's blowing my mind with the potential in it. (Oh, 3 times using "it" in one sentence... there's a lot of work needed in my English :eyes:)
So, my first command whould be a QR-Code generator :w00t: Really useful thing that I've missed a lot. (You could look at how it's working here).

Well, that's all for now. I have to write a bunch of lyrics today, so see ya later :bye:

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