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GraySketch: Cathar Shadow Guard


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GraySketch: Cathar Shadow Guard


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[Anim] Dance Dance Winter


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- Year of the Horse -

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GraySketch: Cathar Shadow Guard

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#CFM, Headworld #2 - The Lady of Crows

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MML - Vai Min Mur 'Escort'


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I Ar Not Amused..


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Itty-Bitty Dagger of Time - 01

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Short- Dreamers

The late evening sun shined its last rays on the semi-sleeping city. All the sides of the buildings facing the sun were given orange and yellow hues as well as any people that were still out during these evening hours. The clock was approximately nearing ten when the sun gathered up the final rays and prepared to set behind the horizon across the sea.    A lone reptilian figure stood on the roof of a silvery blue thirty-storied building just next to the seashore. A silvery plate over his forehead reflected the last few rays back with the same hue as the building. He watched the sun disappear and knew it was time to get working.    Several


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ID: Jan '12 - Relevant to Interests

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Desktop - May 09 - AD


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Dark vs. Dragon Slayer

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Dragnair's new look :P

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Consept- Hoverboard


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