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#CFM, Headworld #2 - The Lady of Crows



A storm is loosed upon the sea
Whose eye is stained with tears
A wretch hell-bound and bent on blood
The makings of the fearful’s fears

Her wrath is known throughout the black
The gardens of death she is tending
Vengeance is her only ward
Beware the blood red rose's thorn.

Belated upload time~

Second entry in the series, this time of the Otherworlder called Lady of Crows, who isn’t as old of a character as most others, but definitely solidified herself in a very specific and especially morbid corner of the headworlds x3;
She oversees the Shatterlings in the Otherworld, little death spirits who seek out otherworlders whose essences they bring to her sunken garden, where its released back into the ether to be remade by the world. Her aspects are decay and the autumn season, her opposite is the Nature Spirit (growth, spring) and she’s the patron of just vengeance. Those who seek her favour do so knowing the price is likely to be their lives, but consider it a worthwhile sacrifice. Her sacred birds are all species of crows, though white crows are thought to be especially sacred.

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