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#CFM, Headworld #1 - Evainmoire Pholier

I'm holding out til we’re out of time
Would you pierce the veil
Would you cross the line
I can feel you here, souls redefined
I can’t let go of our design ~

Belated upload time~

“A carpenter, mortician and groundskeeper of a graveyard, Evainmoire’s daily life has a tendency to revolve around dead things in one form or another, and just as well, for he is of the absolute belief that all the dead have earned their peace and rest, thus anyone wishing to raise the poor souls into undying servitude will not find entrance into his graveyard (nor likely the exit). The guardian seeker itself, granted, is something of an issue with conscience, as when the order placed to the creature-makers of the Laboratories detailed "a guardian of the dead”, the scientists, apparently, took it to mean the creature itself should surely look dead (which, despite appearances, it thankfully is not).

At some point in his study of magics, Evainmoire would come across a node of magic, the infusion of which will result in half-light-elemental-like arcane abilities with which to truly free the undead from their bonds and harry their makers.“

First part of #CreativeForMonty, a short series that’ll feature one character from each of the about seven headworlds that I’ve put off working with for too long. I don’t feel all too confident about half of them, but out of everything else the most what I loved about Monty’s work was his passion for making the world of Remnant be well-defined, with each design or (even) Rule of Cool having an explanation that formed a whole.

So here’s to that passion~
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