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Annotation Station legend by 1398-V6AX
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Annotation Station legend :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0
The Annotation Station by 1398-V6AX
Mature content
The Annotation Station :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0
Kanto 20 Years Later - Pokemon Azure Sky (UG) by 1398-V6AX Kanto 20 Years Later - Pokemon Azure Sky (UG) :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0 Kanto 20 Years Later - Pokemon Azure Sky by 1398-V6AX Kanto 20 Years Later - Pokemon Azure Sky :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 1 0 UCPNXIII-2016042404 by 1398-V6AX UCPNXIII-2016042404 :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0 UCPNXIII-2016042403 by 1398-V6AX UCPNXIII-2016042403 :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0 UCPNXIII-2016042402 by 1398-V6AX UCPNXIII-2016042402 :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 1 0 UCPNXIII-2016042401 by 1398-V6AX UCPNXIII-2016042401 :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0 Viridian Empire, 3/31/2014 by 1398-V6AX Viridian Empire, 3/31/2014 :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 2 0
Do you ever put down a piece of paper, a pen, a CD or DVD on a table, only to find it missing later? Have you ever met a new person, stopped to chat with him or her over drinks, and exchanged contacts, only to never be able to find or talk to them again, despite following up on multiple leads? Have you ever had a cat or a dog that seemed to have suddenly run away one day?
We have, on some level, always known about the phenomenon that quantum physicist have just recently been able to conclusively prove; that certain objects and beings are prone to flickering in and out of reality as we know it, existing one moment and disappearing the next. While we do have a better understanding of how this occurs, we have no idea why it happens, or if these shifts are voluntary or involuntary.
My point is, we deal with what are colloquially known as "ghosts" on a much more frequent basis than most of us suspect.
:icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0
SCP-2988-XMAS: ''Never Alone''
Item Number: SCP-2988-XMAS
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2988-XMAS can be safely stored in the bottom drawer of File Cabinet █ of Room ████ at Site-██. This drawer is to remain locked and closed at all times except for the purposes of performing tests related to SCP-2998-XMAS. Testing must be approved by the Site-██ Head, Doctor Milton. Requests for such testing must be accompanied with a full report detailing what scientific merit the proposed test has and whether or not the test subjects are to be retrieved or lost. All subjects in tests involving SCP-2988-XMAS must come from the existing population of D-Class personnel known to having living family or loved ones.
File Cabinet █ is to be under electronic surveillance at all times. This footage is to be digitally archived for at least one month.
Description: SCP-2988-XMAS is a holiday invitation card, made of thin cardboard and measuring approximately
:icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 1 0
SCP-767-U: ''A Thousand Prying Eyes''
Item Number: SCP-767-U
Object Class: Euclid (reclassification to Keter pending)
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-767-U is to be contained within a 5 by 3 by 3 meter chamber at ████-███. The walls and ceiling of this room are to be constructed of reinforced steel at least 8 centimeters thick. The door on the southern side of this chamber is to be made to the same specifications, and can only be opened using a 9-digit code, which only members of O5 Command and personnel assigned to ████-███ with a security clearance at or above Level 4 have access to. Requests to open this door require the approval the ████-███ head administrator or at least two members of O5 Command. The floor of SCP-767-U's chamber is to be equipped with a mechanism that allows it to swing open.
The feeds from two sets of surveillance cameras - one set situated on the nor
:icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 3 5
Frozen Berries by 1398-V6AX Frozen Berries :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 5 2 Sprite Comix 00002- Wait... What?!? by 1398-V6AX Sprite Comix 00002- Wait... What?!? :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 1 0 Sprite Comix 00001- Running from your troubles by 1398-V6AX Sprite Comix 00001- Running from your troubles :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 0 0 Visual Journal 24-07-2013 (1) by 1398-V6AX Visual Journal 24-07-2013 (1) :icon1398-v6ax:1398-V6AX 1 0



Gerjunker part II: the sequel by knockabiller Gerjunker part II: the sequel :iconknockabiller:knockabiller 265 39 Female Symbol Glitch Pokemon by LaptopGun Female Symbol Glitch Pokemon :iconlaptopgun:LaptopGun 33 14 Milky Way by 074Julie Milky Way :icon074julie:074Julie 26 11 Scolipede by crystal-kyogre Scolipede :iconcrystal-kyogre:crystal-kyogre 111 4 Sandslash by sketchinthoughts Sandslash :iconsketchinthoughts:sketchinthoughts 285 10 Digi-Destined: Kari and Gatomon by sketchinthoughts Digi-Destined: Kari and Gatomon :iconsketchinthoughts:sketchinthoughts 284 6 Harmony Disruptor 2011 by Subordinance-Works Harmony Disruptor 2011 :iconsubordinance-works:Subordinance-Works 393 53 Eris rough by fyre-flye Eris rough :iconfyre-flye:fyre-flye 816 87 Biyomon digivolves to... by Skudde Biyomon digivolves to... :iconskudde:Skudde 209 81 Bad Boys by Teagle Bad Boys :iconteagle:Teagle 146 10 Riddle of the Flute Lord by NeverRider Riddle of the Flute Lord :iconneverrider:NeverRider 175 16 :ROUGE: by Subordinance-Works :ROUGE: :iconsubordinance-works:Subordinance-Works 266 63 Male Pokemon Petition by Avi-the-Avenger Male Pokemon Petition :iconavi-the-avenger:Avi-the-Avenger 74 182 Sonic 126 Archie Frontis by JayAxer Sonic 126 Archie Frontis :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 572 84 Teknoexpressions by TheKKM Teknoexpressions :iconthekkm:TheKKM 360 11 smart walrus by TheBrave smart walrus :iconthebrave:TheBrave 39 11


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Hi! My name is "Blue" Kristi!
Welcome to the Official Website of 1398-V6AX!

Broadcasting LIVE from our studios near Marotiri Island, 1398-V6AX "The Wave" is the best music and numbers station in the southern Pacific and possibly the World!

I hope that you enjoy our programming and this website! Thanks for visiting us, and have a nice, sunny day, wherever you are!


"Blue" and the rest of the 1398-V6AX staff


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