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build forests from my fingers
and sandcastles in my heart,
love, love.
peace and love and bombs:
bombs of beauty
bombs of truth
bombs of "I'm coming home,
coming home to you"
leaving my boots at the door
never built a plane to carry death:
death and bombs- bombs without love
bombs without truth
sing to me of love and
we'll make a world for ourselves
under midnight moons
until you can build forests from my fingers
and grow roots in my soul,
twined in arms together:
strawberry blonde vines of love, love, love
a love that has never heard of angry
and we will build a world for ourselves
in forts of blankets and laughter,
we will build a world for ourselves
singing love, love, love,
you're the one I love:

I love the way moonlight looks on your skin
the way we steamed up every window in my car
and you can still see the footprint when my defrost goes out
I love that laughter in your eyes when we're out on in town
trying to pretend you're mortified,
but inside, y
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Stars, they are fireflies on the wall
Two lovers, twined like vines
Strawberry blonde halo
Two lovers, sleeping smiles:
Tonight, all is well.
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jumpsuit and an a-shirt,
wrapped arm, so tendons don't hurt.
sparks, they fall like rain today
(and still, I will say)
breathe, breathe, breathe:
jumpsuit and an a-shirt,
wrapped arm, so tendons don't hurt.
bind your breasts, hopefully they forget:
you're an outsider here,
a stranger in this world
jumpsuit and an a-shirt,
wrapped arm, so tendons don't hurt.
Be careful, my dear:
Sparks, they fall like rain, here
and yet, I will say
you are a stranger in this place.
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without history,
nothing exists:
let's place money on this.
this is why
I cannot write for you
the reasons are few;
not poetic in the least:
months, not years,
static written heartbreaking, heartaching,
epics; battles.
each Helen, each Greek
both an unwitting Troy.
without history,
nothing exists:let's place money on this.
this is why
I cannot write for you.
the reasons are many,
awkward and ungainly:
no graceful dance,
rewriting Romeo and Juliet.
no midnight stars regaled
by a passionate dreamer's word,
no harvest moons
catching kisses, celestial courier.
without history,
nothing exists:
let's place money on this.
this is why
I cannot write for you.

we are still at the beginning
when everything was is nothing
but darkness, and the deep.
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to best friends
when my orders dropped,
to Minot, North Dakota,
no one blamed me for crying.
they said
"nothing good ever comes
of being stationed in Minot, North Dakota."
can you blame me, then,
for believing 'them'
(after everything that happened
in Minot, North Dakota),
that nothing good ever comes
of Minot, North Dakota?
I mean...
Nothing good but you.
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Mature content
violators will be prosecuted :icon1337m457312:1337M457312 1 0
the spaces inbetween
we are all tied together by some
heartstring, a shining glowing pulsing ROPE from soul to soul that aches if severed, torn, or broken.
we are all held together at the seams by unidentified glues, the atoms bouncing tightly off eachother, keeping me to you,
keeping me from melting into you- keeping souls cohesive. all ideas bound into the form we present.
we are all acting in the same theater: it's nothing but a million billion trillion stages, all tied together with heartstrings, lined with soul-deep glue at every seam.
We are all tied together by some indefinite, undefined heartstring. This defines our humanity, brings us closer in calamity:
we are all tied together, forever.
yet, notice with me:
this is still
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Mature content
freefalling :icon1337m457312:1337M457312 2 0
: sincerely, with love
earthquakes carry your name,
like hurricanes
beneath my feet.
every scar in my psyche
has the color of your claws:
trauma, broken glass against
open burns,
your name.
quiet the words,
step one, two, backwards,
these feet are stable, without you.
a truce is counterproductive.

the world, it crumbled:
crackers on the bottom of a
dry mud,
his texts, grenades
left in a house of glass
without pins.

swallow the evil inside,
you're beautiful. if only, if only
comform, struggle, change, if only
overcome the evil.
then, then, then you're
nicknames express honest truth,
I really do love you:
within my iris? the imprint yours. same
blood, in these veins.
if only, if only, you could escape
the evil inside
Thunderstorm lightning strikes
once, twice, with every tear you cry:
crocodile pity, can't fool me:
every scar in my psyche
has the color of your claws:
trauma, broken glass against
open burns,
your name.
no fault of my own.
life is easier, with someone
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across the quad I
mornings are rough, on days like today. Days when even the buildings want to be curled next to a fireplace, snuggled close with someone they love. Days when grey is as bright as this listless sky will glow, days when waking up is hard, because there's no bottle on the floor. No bottle on the floor means no night of forgetting what happened the week before. No bottle on the floor means no drink to get this morning started. No bottle on the floor means embracing the gritty reality of another twenty-four hours.
That's the healthy course of action, naturally. Every therapist on the planet would applaud this forward motion, this increased responsibility for life choices.
Fuck that.
mornings are rough, on days like these.
but she won't say a word.
she'll just curl back up in blankets, still warm and smothering, like a cocoon- or perhaps, a burial shroud- and slip into uneasy sleep, plagued with strange dreams.
you'll never get her to admit that she's lonely.
not on a day like today, at least
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across the quad II
days like today, they crawl into veins, seeping to the heart
permeating every breath and blink
with an aching accent.
perhaps, there's too much emotion
or honesty in my every motion,
perhaps, I'm set up for heartache
just another lonely day
days like today, they drag those thoughts out
screaming and kicking, a toddler's tantrum,
searching for attention.
days like today, they blow things out of proportion.
perhaps, I'm too open,
and setting myself up for a spiral down.
poets, however, say that love is about trust-
letting go, and letting in, balanced with a bit of lust
so I'll be guilty of love, if it's a crime today
whatever cost there is, I'll pay
in order to clearly express stuttered words:
you're my world.
days like these, they drag, emphasis on gray
voices, lonely- like storm-beat shores, winter coast of Monterey.
exclamations of ridicule, exxagerating every fear
every doubt: yet, still I will say, I love you dear.
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like that moment when you finally kiss
forever, frozen in a breath. past melts into future, into a single heartbeat, into a year.
like a thunderstorm, gone too slowly: stealing breath and pounding heartbeat beyond comfort, terrifying. like
a flood, creeping roaring racing tumbling, snail-like, agonizing. A moment, stretched into a year,
too scared to truly appreciate every precious face...

"treasure me?"
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gold, like the
cold Yukon, exacting pound in exchange
for every ounce:
blood, and soul.
sell the devil his own scales,
draconic, heavy: coal.
like the gold,
under unforgiving spirit dances
eternal aurora borealis-
mourners in endless motion,
for those who sold the Devil
his scales for a soul,
a soul, for an ounce of gold
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observational findings
rich men chase the wind,
poor men chase a fish:
if we were all horses,
then no one would starve
but everyone would stare.
anger is to life
as laughter is to shame,
but climax
is not the same
as love.
you are beggared,
a window.
:icon1337m457312:1337M457312 1 0
twenty-one hours ago
running doesn't constitute escape,
if you're fleeing from your face.
running doesn't change your fate
if you're fleeing from self-hate.
embrace, and suffocate,
that's the only way to dominate.
there are possibilities beyond
anything we could
and they're trapped inside your past.
embrace, and suffocate
that's the only way to dominate.
speak not of victim,
but of victor:
assess your part, and accept-
you are not the prey, but the
do not pray,
do not falter.
running will not save you,
from the predator inside:
you can't flee, can never hide.
the only course to take is action
(never reaction)
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Mature content
an admission :icon1337m457312:1337M457312 2 3


Music angel II by AngieStock Music angel II :iconangiestock:AngieStock 3,049 160
the poet
the wind sweeps the streets but I am
empty of that small voice
reassuring me,
reminding me
of why I ever put a pen to paper,
reversing every decision I made.
every word you speak is
poetic, careful and undistracted
in a time of choice and freedom
perfectly imperfect,
holding out your hands
and waiting for only me
not an answer, any answer, just
:iconsunshinegypsy:sunshinegypsy 14 33
Thunder Horse by RHADS Thunder Horse :iconrhads:RHADS 715 53 FOLLOWING THE LANCASTER by ScarredWolfphoto FOLLOWING THE LANCASTER :iconscarredwolfphoto:ScarredWolfphoto 59 13 Por siempre by Mehrunnisa Por siempre :iconmehrunnisa:Mehrunnisa 64 38 Violin by Abigel Violin :iconabigel:Abigel 2,050 180 Purify by ShawnCoss Purify :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 445 42 Beauty is Ignorance by ShawnCoss Beauty is Ignorance :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 292 36 Love Is Suicide by ShawnCoss Love Is Suicide :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 651 62
Fairytales dont write letters
dear lovely,
i seem to have forgotten what its like to breathe. freckled skin and marble eyes can only get me so far. i speak in such cliches but you're a diamond in the ruff and i often wonder where you are. are you outside or are you miles away waiting for me to come find you and kiss you and hold you and breathe you? i'm a real big fan of yours but i seem to be a joke to you. so maybe i'm a tad insecure but maybe you made me this way.
your best friend.
dear girl,
but your marble eyes and soft heart dance across the clouds. you're way up there with songs and words and new cliches that no one has ever overused. i never could look you in the eyes, they shined so bright. just like stars. i didn't make you anyway. i just found your letters in the sand.
hold onto your starlight.
dear, who
ever said we all had to be stars was a liar. i'll sit up here all day like a flower in a crack on a sidewalk and i'll wait for you to come pick me, pu
:iconplatinummyr:platinummyr 23 25
Hungarian skies pt.XLII. by realityDream Hungarian skies pt.XLII. :iconrealitydream:realityDream 2,526 145 Michael by GENZOMAN Michael :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 10,605 676 Windy Day by SachaKalis Windy Day :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 6,584 200 Fortitude Wallpaper by Losmios Fortitude Wallpaper :iconlosmios:Losmios 2,988 222


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the way our dreams would dance across moonbeams and shadows.

how sparks dance along the inside diameter of six-inch pipe, like dragons in flight

so exhausted, I can't even spell that correctly without thinking about it.
Woke up at two, laid in bed for hours, left for class at 0600, got back from class at 1800, it's 2122 and I just finished homework. Talk about a day. Tomorrow I get to go to tutoring between class and homework, hello late nights. Was laid up in bed all weekend, super sick.
swear I'm alive, been writing and dictating to my phone, working on some spoken word. Swear I'll get some recordings up on youtube sometime soon, and maybe some videos for it too.
thank you for being patient, to anyone who still follows me :D


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gears and cog whirr in these joints, with radiator caps and oil cans for bones. I'm paint and porcelain, a china doll of titanium- yes sir no sir ex military patriotism with a dose of poetic idealism.


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