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My Stock is a part of the Unrestricted Use Directory!
Unrestricted Use Directory:…

My stock is free for you to use, but there's obviously some rules :P

Let me know what you use my stock for; I'd like to know what it gets used for.  I'll gladly :+fav: anything :D

Also, please make sure I am credited.  I provide these resources for free, and it doesn't take much to write a little note in a description telling people where the stock came from :)

If you use them outside of DA, that's fine, but note/comment me so I know about it.

You can even use my stock for prints, but just let me know.  Who knows, I might even buy it :D

You may not use my stock for creating other stock or resources.

Update: I'm getting a lot of people who want to use my stock, but are concerned about crediting me (or not being able to).  I understand that with things that aren't a picture, it might be hard - movies, games and all sorts of things are media my stock can, and no doubt has, been used in.

If you want to use my stock for something that won't allow a text credit on the picture or in the description (for example, it might be for, say, a movie), then you are welcome to credit me in any reasonable way (end credits, link/reference in the description of the uploaded file etc) so long as I am actually credited.

I want you to use my stuff, and I'm not about to let something like this be the only thing stopping you from using my stuff.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - I don't bite :D
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Thank you for the graffiti brush pack!  I used them here at Sand Hover Boat
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Using it for a school related project, quite happy to find it. Thank you!
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I have used your sound wave brushes ^^
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You're welcome! Your brushes are very useful :3
Hey just used your stock for school project
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I am going to use Male Stock 015 for a picture I want to do for an Owl City Song Called Rainbow Veins.
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