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Graffiti Brushes


All brushes are custom made by me, based on real graffiti designs.

Download for full version!
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C: TheAngeal by Km92
Thank you. I used it here ♥
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Superb!!!!Clap Hug 
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Hi! I used your brushes here: [link] Thank you very much!
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Hi! I downloaded the brushes, when I use them I will send you a link!
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I used your beautiful stock here: [link]

Thanks for sharing :rose: :heart:
1337-1stock's avatar
Cool, thanks! Very nice work!
pshyco-ninja-monkey's avatar
Used, please watch my gallery, it'll be too difficult to link the one i made and any future ones (:
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Terms of use? Asking because if I use them in my line of work I will not be able to credit you. A "no" and I'll just move on.
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No. I require credit for my use. Thanks for asking first though :)

Might I ask what line of work you are in? I've been looking at doing another of these mainly for use by graphic designers (they'll be much better quality etc). Out of curiosity, is this something that would possibly interest you?
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Game development, so the credits are very limited. Thanks anyway.
Yea graffiti brushes are very interesting for texture artists who can't tag or paint graffiti themselves.
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is it alright if i use these to make signatures on just want to check before i go making stuff :D
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As long as I'm credited, that's fine! I'd love to see the results! :)
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I'm using these for a 3d atm machine. Thanks.
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I'd love to see the results :) 3D is always cool!
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These will get a lot of use. Here's the image: [link]
1337-1stock's avatar
That looks quite impressive! Very nicely done!
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Thanks and thank you for the cool brushes.
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Hi there!I have used your stock here[link] thank you for sharing!Lavinia
1337-1stock's avatar
That's a very impressive piece! Thanks for choosing my stock! :D
ladysharkbite's avatar
Thank you very much!No problems at all1Brilliant stock you have there!xx
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im going to use them for graffiti inside of a bathroom stall xD
1337-1stock's avatar
Sounds interesting! I'd love to see the results :D
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