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Classic jeff...        except not anymore. by 13-un0wn Classic jeff...        except not anymore. by 13-un0wn
I was not expecting to receive my wacom intuos until next week, so I'll redraw this after I finish what I'm already working on..

The story linked to this drawing: The subject (pov) entered an abandoned insane asylum, knowing how cliche Jeff was, to sabotage his operative (that being him always killing people) by blowing it up from the inside. The subject was ready though, as they'd come prepared with a metal bat, it was hours of wandering through the hallways, killing a few crazy people, bashing open doors, etc., when they noticed the hallways had been twisting around the middle, which was strange, because at that point the subject should've been on the "ceiling". The subject shrugged it off, as they thought they were getting placebic hallucinations (note: they weren't) and kept going. they finally reached Jeff's hideout, it was at that point the subject had made the wrong decision, but it was too late, because Jeff already noticed them, Jeff started chasing the subject and wouldn't stop. As the subject was slightly ahead of Jeff, they dove into a physical file room, and hid behind some filing cabinets. Jeff saw that the subject had gone into a room, and entered. Jeff carefully walked through the room, knife now in-hand, Jeff passed the subject and they swung it as hard as they could at the back of Jeff's right leg. This was quite an acheivement for them, as it had caused an open fracture, knowing Jeff, such pain was only an indicator of the subject. He stabbed the subject's right shoulder, cutting some nerves and disabling that arm permanently. They ran and ran mindlessly around the facility, Jeff slowing down due to the fact that his leg was broken, until they reached the chemistry lab, the subject used their bat to hold the door shut as they frantically tried to find sodium, after a while, they did, but Jeff was about to break through the door, so they came to the side of the door, but before they could grab their bat, Jeff broke through the door, launching the bat across the room, causing a bunsen burner to activate and cause a small fire. The subject ran to the nearest bathroom, to empty the copious amounts of sodium that they recovered in several toilets because it would take too long through one. When the subject was almost done causing the plumbing to explode, Jeff broke in, the subject flushed the last of the sodium and Jeff sarcastically said "Done?". The subject crawled under to the next stall so Jeff might be disoriented as to the subject's position for a few seconds, Jeff kicked the door open like a "badass", only to find nothing but an empty container of sodium. The building shook as the sodium reacted to the water, ignited, melted the piping of the plumbing systems and ignited the gas that remained in the pipes. The subject ran out of the bathroom to escape the doomed building, Jeff, of course, followed. The subject was pretty confident in themself, until they reached a dead end, Jeff closed in, dragging his broken leg and weilding the still-bloody knife, he said "The facility is collapsing, and when it does, I'll die" he meant exploding, but he was going into shock from the blood loss of his leg, "However you'll be long dead by then. After all, there's a reason I'm called Jeff the killer" he said. A large chunk of concrete crashed onto Jeff, It pinned him down by his already broken leg. The subject said "I can't waste anymore time here!", they'd already started running when they realised that they won't make it outside in time, so they went back to the physical files and stacked up filing cabinets to sheild themselves from being crushed, they closed their fort just as the building collapsed. The subject survived, however, will they survive until they're found?
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October 13, 2017
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