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8 facts about Zero

Fri Nov 17, 2017, 1:58 PM
Tagged by: :iconsirstudmuffin:

1. Post These rules.........................................................................

2. Post 8 facts about your character...............................................

3. Tag whoever...................................................

4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

5. NO TAG BACKS! .........................................................................

I'll be doing this for Zero, who's a character from an undertale AU I'm working on. Since all the name are taken though I'm still working on it XD

I don't have an official ref for him and I really should draw one uuuugh... or take 3D pictures...

Here are some pictures of him:

CHECK: Zero Avatar du changement. by 13-Lenne-13 Zero is blocking the way! by 13-Lenne-13

He is also the tall Red skeleton there:

Huge Skeleton Hug Pile! by 13-Lenne-13 Happy birthday Aura! by 13-Lenne-13

Here that should be enough!

Now to the facts!

1. His life is currently only dedicated to saving his little brother, though he is not doing it the right way.

2. He is extremely courteous to nice people, however, despites his apparent good mannerism, he can become extremely violent, to the point of cold-blooded murder. 

3. He loves cooking, especially sweet things which remind him of his adoptive mother. Chocolate chips cookies are favorites sweets but he also really likes wines, red ones especially, and of course, expensive ones even more. Don't ask him to choose between both of those.  

4. He's a fashion victim... Well kinda, he enjoys fancy clothes and has a huge dressing full of all kinds of garment. Usually, he only gets out with his red coat, but he will put on all other kinds of clothes too when alone at home. 

5. He is a construct, which means he is not born but was made. (More on that topic later I guess? Though you can see more of it in my failed attempt at doing inktobertale. XD) 

6. Zero doesn't have a set gender. Since he is French and talks french he is used to using "he" when talking about himself, since French people don't have a they/them pronoun, however, he will not mind you calling him either he, them or even she. Zero couldn't care less.

7. He is TERRIFIED of dogs and Gaster-like figures (especially those with red eyes and sharp teeth), so he'll try to avoid them at all cost.  

8. However, (even if afraid of them too), he tends to immediately get violent with aggressive humans. He usually despises them more than he is actually scared. 


Zero is a sad character but I hope everyone can make him happy again. ;)

I tag: :iconorez-suke: :iconcyaneworks: :iconunderlifeau: :iconazureartworks: You don't have to do it of course ;)

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Joining a nice project!

Tue Aug 15, 2017, 2:57 PM

Entering atomicheartlight giveway!

Sun Apr 2, 2017, 1:52 PM
So this person makes a lot of Undertale fan art, and they are hosting an art giveway!

Learn more about it here!

<da:thumb id="672442081"/>

Please go check them out!

I hope I did this right XD

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Thu Mar 9, 2017, 3:07 PM
Tagged by : :iconlust-fell-sans: Who apparently want to get to know me better Zero handkiss (Undertale OC custom emoticon) by 13-Lenne-13

(I'd look to my previous journal too for that.)


My real name's Mariane. But usually on the web, people call me Lenne, or Shin/Shinku (My usual choice of name in video game.)




Not enough usually! I try to sleep 10 hours when I can though usually I get around 6 maximum. I often don't sleep at all too =O


Guess it, come on it's not hard! (Psst it's 13!!)


ADHD apparently XD


Yeaaaaars ago when I got my first graphic tablet. XD Oh my I feel ooooold!! I didn't come back during quite a while and now I can do 3D. =P


162 Woooo! Tenkei Gaaaasp!! (Undertale OC emoticon) by 13-Lenne-13


I'd like to do a tumblr and all, but I'm overbooked right now.


I don't know if I get a lot, but I'm so happy every time I do get one!


Well, actually my sister and I used to play the heck out of FFX-2 back in the day, and I told my sister she was as pretty as Yuna, so she told me that if she was Yuna then I should be Lenne. We used to go on forum under the name Lenne&Yuna.
Then I started signing my art "Lenne" and since Lenne and Lenne13 was taken here weeeeell... I need to change it though, because the - keep me from tagging my username easily.
I like Lenne it's short and the sonority are mysterious somehow, like you don't know where it may come from?

I tag whoever wants to do this! (Yes I'm super lazy and too shy to tag you people XD)

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Tagged again! Soul traits!

Mon Feb 20, 2017, 3:34 AM

Tagged by: :icondetectiveblur:


1. No Tagbacks

2. Tag as many people as you want! (I won't tag any for this one =P)



  • You rarely lie, and if you do, you admit it later [X] (If white lie count !)
  • You get very offended when someone lies to YOU. [ ]
  • When you trust someone, you really trust them, and cannot believe it when they betray you. [X]
  • You keep your word: if you make a promise, you keep that promise [X]
  • You love being unique [X]
  • You refuse to change your personality for anyone [ ]
  • You encourage others to be unique [X]
  • You have a very creative mind [X]
  • You have a very serious moral standard [X]
  • You love dancing/music [X]
  • Your dream job involves dancing/music [ ]
  • Your favorite color is blue, especially dark blue [ ]
  • You hate being late for anything [ ] (I'm ALWAYS late!)
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you tended to get the dark blue flag a lot [  ]
  • In video games, you often point out the music, and enjoy dancing games [X]
  • If by some miracle you find a game with a dancer in it, you really, really wanna be that dancer [  ]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are those who stay true to their beliefs [X]
  • You agree with the statement: It is better to walk in integrity than have great riches [X]
  • You hate stories where people change who they are just to please others [ ]
  • You were honest with Undyne and told her anime wasn't real [X] (Yes I did XD)

  Total: 12


  • You can't stop moving [  ]
  • You are the one that wants to beat up all the bullies [X]
  • You like boxing/martial arts [X]
  • Your favorite color is orange [  ]
  • You wear manly bandannas and tough gloves [  ]
  • You hate waiting around--LET'S DO IT NOW! [X]
  • When you get scared, you face your fears head-on [X]
  • Who needs plans? Let's dive right in! [X]
  • In video games, you enjoy being the guy with the most attack/defense and health--the big tough guy! [X]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are the brave ones, and the toughest ones [  ]
  • You agree with the statement: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself [X]
  • Your dream job would be something scary, something tough--perhaps a soldier or boxer [ ]
  • You love music that gets your blood pumping harder [X]
  • You are protective of those you love, and will totally beat up whoever messes with them [ ] (I’m trying to control my anger issues so no !)
  • You tended to get the orange flag in the snowball game in Undertale [ ]
  • You are VERY competitive [ ] (No becacause I’m a SORE looser !)
  • You are athletic [ ]
  • You like muscular people [X]
  • You enjoy things other people would consider scary [X] 
  • You don't like mushy, emotions, and always try to be tough [ ] (I don’t hate them but I have difficulties to cry even when I want to.)

Total: 9


  • Your favorite color is yellow [ ]
  • You have really good aim [ ]
  • When you get angry, it's usually over some terrible injustice [X]
  • When there are bullies, you tell the teacher so they can get what they deserve [X]
  • Your dream job would be something in law enforcement--police officer, lawyer, judge, etc, [ ]
  • You love firearms/guns []
  • Either you go to a shooting range, or play FPS games []
  • Not only do you play FPS games, but you LOVE being the sniper []
  • You also enjoy detective/lawyer games [ ] 
  • You love watching mysteries and adventures where the bad guys get defeated [X] (I think I watch and read everything XD)
  • You uphold the law very seriously [X]
  • You have a strong sense of ethics [X]
  • You agree with the statement: you will reap what you sow [X]
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you got the yellow flag a lot [ ]
  • You also enjoy western movies, because of the sense of justice [X]
  • Your favorite characters are detectives, lawyers, etc [  ]
  • You love it when the bad guys get beaten [  ] (no, not really)
  • You hate it when the bad guys get away [X] (YES though, if they are really bad!)
  • When you do something bad, you are willing to punish yourself [X]
  • You have the tendency to point out when other people do something wrong, not because you are mean, but because you want them to do what is right [X] (and I don’t care if you don’t like it mouhahahaha !)

Total: 10


  • You do not mind reading long lists [X]
  • You don't mind waiting for long periods of time [ ]
  • Even when you get annoyed, you tell yourself, "just be patient... be patient " [ ]
  • It takes A LOT for you to get angry...a.....barking....lot.... [ ] (No u_u not at all XD I’m the barking one.)
  • You are willing to listen to other people talk for a long time [X]
  • You love your little siblings, and don't get annoyed easily [ ] (Joker !!)
  • In video games, you love being the stealth characters that sneak around and wait for the perfect time to pounce [ ]
  • Your favorite color is aqua/cyan [  ]
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you got the cyan (light blue) flag a lot [  ]
  • You don't mind long cut scenes in video games [X] (Give me all those animation !)
  • You don't mind long movies [  ]
  • When other people get angry, you calmly wait for them to relax [ ] (I think I’ll get angry the first XD)
  • Your dream job would be something other people would consider tedious [  ]
  • You agree with the statement: the tortoise won the race, not the hare. [X]
  • You enjoy long pieces of music [X]
  • You are very forgiving, and don't really get offended at whatever minor thing they did [X] (Absolutely !)
  • When you are bullied, you hope that if you hold still long enough they'll go away [ ] (Absolutely not !)
  • you prefer to let things happen naturally, instead of rushing them [X]
  • you enjoy sitting and watching nature [X] (Yes !)
  • You understand that people take time to change [X]

Total: 9



  • You are very empathetic/sympathetic [X]
  • You genuinely love people [X]
  • You are willing to be beaten up by a bully if it means protecting someone else [X] (All the freaking time…)
  • You refuse to fight back, unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY [ ] (No not if I need to defend someone.)
  • You are good at catching/blocking things thrown at you [X]
  • You enjoy cooking [X]
  • Your favorite color is green [ ]
  • You are very good to your pets [X]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are the gentlest ones [ ]
  • You get REALLY upset when people call your favorite characters mary-sues, because you know in real life there ARE very kind-hearted people--and you are one of them! [  ]
  • You agree with the statement: kindness makes the world go 'round [  ] (I wish)
  • You may sound like a hippy, but you are all for world peace [X]
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you got the green flag a lot [ ]
  • Your dream job is either something related to food or helping other people [  ]
  • You enjoy helping others a lot [X]
  • In video games, you love being the healers [X] (either that or tanks actually)
  • You are forgiving [X]
  • When you see someone crying, you want to make them feel better [X]
  • You hate stories with broken relationships, because it makes you sad [ ] (I like balance between emotions.)
  • You could NEVER do any kind of gameplay that involves killing EVERYTHING [X] (I can’t)

Total: 12 Wow…




  • You try to be optimistic, even in the darkest times [X]
  • You take a lot of notes [X]
  • You are a nerd, and you are okay with that [X]
  • You don't care what other people may say about you--you will keep moving forward [X]
  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try again [X]
  • When you are bullied, you try to ignore them and keep doing your thing [ ]
  • Your favorite color is purple [X]
  • In the snowball game, you got the purple flag a lot [  ]
  • You do get annoyed with your younger siblings, but you wait it out [X] (Kinda)
  • You don't like waiting, but are willing to wait [X]
  • You agree with the statement: he who ENDURES to the END will be saved [X]
  • The important thing is finishing what you start, not being the best [X]
  • You enjoy games where you have to endure as long as you can before you die, and you like beating your score each time [ ]
  • In video games, you like being the guy with the most stamina [  ]
  • You also enjoy strategy games, and often have a plan [X]
  • Your dream job would involve some kind of paperwork or using your mind a LOT  [ ]
  • You want to keep your mind sharp  [X]
  • Your favorite characters are the ones that make it to the end, no matter what [ ]
  • You hate it when fictional characters give up  [ ]
  • You keep trying, and you keep trying, and you refuse to quit! [X]

Total: 13 (Ah!




  • You are a completionist gamer--you want to make sure you get EVERYTHING finished [X]
  • You are VERY stubborn [X]
  • You don't have one tactic, but adapt to each situation and make up a strategy for each one [X]
  • You are filled with INTEGRITY, JUSTICE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, BRAVERY, and PERSEVERANCE [X] (Apparently a bit yes according to this chart.)
  • Your favorite color is red [ ]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are the underdogs who go through hardships and come out stronger  [X] (Yes !)
  • You enjoy alternate universe and time-traveling stories [X] (YES !)
  • You want to make a HUGE difference in the world  [ ]
  • Until your dying breath, you will fight for what you believe in [ ]
  • In a video game, you might be the good guy, but you might be the bad guy--it depends on your mood [ ] (Not really…)
  • When you set your mind to do something, you WILL do it [ ]
  • You agree with the statement: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER [X] (I can get that stubborn sometimes !!)
  • You take note of many details-- sights, sounds, smells, estimate sizes of things, etc [X]
  • You are often the one settling disputes [X] (Yet…)
  • You are the one with a lot of authority, and other people know it [ ]
  • You hate stories that feel half-finished [X] (Yes ! I frustrate me ! What do you mean I do that a lot too ? i don’t know what your talking about !!)
  • In video games, you enjoy being the mage--the one who can do anything they like with magic [ ]
  • In the snowball game, you got ALL of the flags, ON PURPOSE [X] (YES !)
  • You played ALL the routes in Undertale, possibly more than once [ ] (I can’t kill Papyrus ! I can’t OK ?!)
  • You do not know your dream job, but you know that you can do ANYTHING if you try [ ]  (Did I miss the artistic one ?)


Perseverance huh… interesting ! Actually first I had 12 which put it at the same range as Kindness and Integrity. I’m ok with the tree of them really XD I guess I learned with time to wait it out when I got angry with my sibling, so perseverance it is in the end. (Sometimes I fail though XD)

Welp what do you think, perseverance? I should be anger really XDDD Though angr is a good fuel for not giving up! I guess it's ok!

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Wow, I got Tagged?

Thu Jan 19, 2017, 11:42 PM

I got tagged by :iconsasukimimochi: ! Wow have I ever done any of this tagging thing? Let's do this yo!!


  • Write the rules or copy and paste them. [OK.]

  • Write 13 things about yourself. [13 is my number =P]

  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions. [Oooh I see.]

  • Tag 13 deviants. [Whaaaat? That's a lot!]

    Okay first of all sorry, you don't have to do this if you don't want too awesome people I shouldn't be bothering >o< Ok now I'm taggiiiiiing:

    :icondetectiveblur: :iconjeyawue: :iconkaweii: :iconwraithvine:  :iconendlesshunter: :iconbrasswarrior: :iconpoprocking: :iconanna2479: :iconjoselyn565: :iconjuame: :iconfreckleddancho: :iconfumyahero: :iconjuststarz63:

  • Make sure they know that they are tagged. [I'll try I'm a failure for this internet thing XD]

  • Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" [Ouuuh that would have been a smart move. Welp!]

  • It's forbidden to not tag anyone. [Don't tell me what to do! è_é I'll try not to.]

  • Tag backs are allowed. [Naaaah that would be bothersome for the person I think?]

  • If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you.
[Really? o_o Welp if you have a wish SasukiMimochi, make it anyway XD I will answer it now so I don't forget about it.
My wish? I wish you all stay awesome!]

13 Things about me:

  • 1) I am French! Baguette for ever! Specifically I'm from "Lorraine". Though I work in the South now.

  • 2) I used to study biology, but I loved art so much, that I finally find the courage to start study in 3D! I am very happy I did so!

  • 3) I love to teach stuff, I don't know why. Maybe I can be a 3D teacher later?

  • 4) I am 24 years old! Almost a quarter of century!

  • 5) I am gluten intolerant. First it depressed me, and I ate a lot of free gluten industrial stuff... Turn out they are FULL of sugar (don't eat them, like really don't)
Now I cook everything myself!

  • 6) Which brings me here! I cook very well now! I make awesome maki and sushi! Also salmon Teriyaki... A lot of Japanese stuff. But also of course, tartiflette, and quiche Lorraine!

  • 7) My family have 5 cats and a puppy. All adopted.

  • 8) I am a boring normal heterosexual girl. Nothing interesting here >___> (I'm a sinner for some Undertale character though... Yeeep...)

  • 9) I have two little sister! They're are adorable. Though not into art so much.

  • 10) My mother freaking ROCKS! Here, boom!

  • 11) I was a very short tempered child, and still have a lot of hatred inside of me. I learned to control it as I grew up.

  • 12) I though a lot before writing this down but, since I'm over it know I don't care if people think I'm a drama queen.
    The main reason why I easily flare up with anger, is that my father was a very violent man. Both verbally and physically.
My parents broke up after he punched me really hard six years ago.
I had a hard time accepting that the constant violence was gone... How to describe it. I was like a mean attack dog, always ready for battle who suddenly needed to be a calm puppy. I locked myself in Science study and though I loved biology, I'm glad I got better and chose an Art carrier after all!

  • 13) I am fine now! (I think XD) I'm in couple with a wonderful guy who's like a big Teddy bear, and my step-father is very nice to me. Also I never though I'd met such wonderful person on DA! It was a long healing process, and I was SUCH a piece of work! A real meany! But my family never let me down even though I was such ball of nerve. I still do super weird shit though... Like panicking when I break something waiting to be screamed at... Maybe one day I'll fully recover!

[Wow that's a loooot of text? You actually read all that?]


Question for me:

  1. Hi! Uhm... hi ; v ; ?? I'm not good at thinking up questions so I've borrowed a few. First off who are you / do you have a nickname?

    Heya! I am Mariane, but you I'm used to be called Lenne here! You can call me whatever you'd like though!

  2. What would you like to achieve within the next year?

    I'd like to finally have to courage to start an RP Blog for my OCs. And make a comic of their past.
    But more than anything, I really want to make tutorials about 3D! Just to share my knowledge and love of this art with everyone.

  3. So far, how have you been developing your skills?

    Wow, hard question: Well I used to draw a lot in 2D since I was little. Paint tool sai and graphics tablet changed my life. Mark Crilley on youtube helped me a lot at that time. (I thin he has a DA?) I've got some of his books to!
    I quit drawing during my biology study and then get in a school to learn 3D, I also learned a lot about anatomy during those course. I learned to make dynamic 3D clothe on my own thanks to CGElves tutorials and Determination XD. Also I'm currently learning how to animate better via tutorials.                                                    

  4. What are some of your favorite artists and/or genres?

    There is so much inspiring artist on DA. I don't know where to start.
    I like Sakimichan because she really inspired me when I was younger. I follow a lot of 3D artist for my professional carrier too.

    But actually it's the artist that I follow on DA that I like the most XD I mean I see great inspiring deviation everyday thanks to them and it get's me really motivated!
    SasukiMimochi for example draw character that are so lovable and delicate,with shading and effects that are just wonderful!
    DetectiveBlur comes with the cutest face ever. Others creates really interesting OC with super interesting BG ( Jeyawue Kaweii Wraithvine  Endlesshunter, BrassWarrior, PopRocking Anna2479 ).
    Sorry if I don't mention everyone, there a 14th fact, I am lazy XD But I still love you all people I watch! ;o;

  5. Where do you go / What do you do when you seek inspiration?

    Usually I stay in my room! I listen to music! And sing with it sometimes! Also I like to walk a lot. Especially on the border of the river close to my Mom's house, but I can only do it when I'm back in the North for holidays. 
    Otherwise I love to check RP Blogs on tumblr and DA. Sylvia-Black-Draws inspired me a lot.

  6. What are some of your favorite movies and/or filmmakers?

    PAPRIKA!! Sacrebleu!! Paprika was a slap in my face when it came to dream and their interpretation. And the music! So yeah Satoshi Kon I like! Also the music are from Susumu Hirasawa! I spam his music in my playlist.
    Other than that, I'm a very good public, as long as a film makes me dream, I'll love it. (Exemple: Avatar, both the air bender serie, and the film with the na'vi btw!) So there is a loooot of films I liked.

  7. Where does your motivation come from?

    Creating just makes me feel better in general. I feel like I'm in my element. I'm always nervous when i share my work, afraid that people won't like it, but seeing you guys being so nice is the best motivation ever!

  8. What's your favorite "sweet"?

    I have to choose! Well ok white chocolate then. Or peanut butter But I'd eat any sweets! (Well maybe not the licorice stuff. And choco, mint, don't like it.)

  9. What's your favorite "Food"? [non-sweet]

    French friiiiiiies!!! Thin and crispy! Well actually I think I like potatoes in every form. XD Maybe it's because I'm Lorraine XD (I also love salmon and fresh cheese maki a LOT!)

  10. Have a favorite drink?

    W... Water? Soda always left my mouth acidic. I do LOVE Apple Juice though.

  11. Do you Drink Alcohol? If so, do you have a favorite mix/brand?

    Loic Raison Framboise flavored Cider <3 I never drink "strong" alcohol, it's bad for my digestive system >o<. I've Never been drunk in my hole life. Yep, never! I wonder what it's like.

  12. What's your favorite scenery? [Beach by the ocean, forest with sunlight, mountains by a lake, Space, etc...?]

    Deep see like scenery with glowing plants and animals!! Definitely! Mysterious and gorgeous! (So I LOVE waterfall!!)

  13. If you could only ship one couple in everything that existed, [can be poly etc as long as it's *one* relationship. ] who would they be? Who would be...your ONE true pairing [otp] ?

    OMG you ask THIS to a multi-shipper like me? Seriously I ship everything as long as it's cute or well presented/written. HHHHH *increasing distress*
    OH no I know!! Molly X Prince Aikka from Oban star Racer. My first OTP. (Yes nobody knows what that is XD A Japanese-French Anime. With Space ship Race! And alien, and a super hot Prince. I was twelve, maybe younger?, still my first "crush" XD)


    Ooooh man I think it's my turn to ask question!! NOOOO! Ok ok calm down let's do THIS!!

    • 1. I'm totally stealing this nickname question: So, how do you want to be called?

    • 2. What's your favourite Colour? [Mine's purple =p]

    • 3. Do you have brothers and sisters?

    • 4. Where you bullied at school? [I was, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. It might be too personal.]

    • 5. What's you favourite song/band?

    • 6. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

    • 7. Full of energy? Or slow-poke?

    • 8. How many language do you speak. (Bonus: Parlez-vous français?)

    • 9. Do you have a goal you pursue in life?

    • 10. What motivates you the most?

    • 11. Favorite Undertale character and why? (Yes a fanbase related question! If you don't have one who's your favourite character ever then and why?)

    • 12. How many OCs do you have? And how many are Undertale related?

    • 13. And of COURSE, what's YOUR favourite number? [Say 13! Yep I'm 13-Lenne-13 born a Friday 13 march(the thrid month, in the room 3-13, at 13 hour... LOL]


      I hope I wasn't too boring!! (Oh bonjour, Insecurities, go away please nobody likes you!)

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So 3D tutorials? Yes or Not?

Thu Jan 5, 2017, 7:04 AM
So just so I can approximatly estimate the nomber of people interested. I plan on doing a series of tutorials to help you make your own custom sans (or another skeleton really) in 3D.

To do so you will need to install Maya and Vray for Maya though. (You can download the trail version or find them in *cough cough* CGpeers *cough cough*

But here is the important thing. I plan on starting easy on you so. I WILL give you for free a Sans model I made myself, already rigged and skinned and usable UV to change his face texture.

Note that this usually takes a ton of work AND knowledge to achieve, but I'm ready to do so cause I love 3D art, and I unfortunately, since it is SO hard to find how to begin learning 3D, especially to have quick result, I plan on helping you guys myself.

So here is what I plan.
I will first show you guys how to use the custom model I give to you, how the controllers I create work to pose your skeleton.

Note that even if you don't like 3D art, those 3D dolls are awesome if you don't know what a character looks like in a certain angle or pose, you can pose your 3D doll, take a screenshot and use it as a base for your 3D drawing. Saves ton of time really.

Then I'll show you how to change the texture and the UV if necessary. And even custom the 3D model by changing the teeth, before skinning them back to the initial RIG (sounds like winding to you? Don't worry I'll explain it all XD.)

Then I'll teach you how to make realistic clothe with Marvellous designer. BUT I also plan on giving basic clothe for people who don't want to go that far and start animating.

Cause I'll show you how to quicly be ready to animate with Mixamo. OR do complicate but more polished animation with MD and Maya.

This however will take tons of work, so I want to know how many people are interested, to boost me a bit. =P So are you guys interested or not?

(Also I made a skin journal with Tenkei's world night sky XD for fun! It's prettier.)

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Rendering takes foreveeeer.

Sun Jan 1, 2017, 12:03 PM
WIP of what I'm working on because it is so boring to wait XD

Anyway I'm working on :iconjeyawue: OC Xans. And I made a short animation to test Cloth Dynamics in marvelous designer, and man I am content with it... But Dude is Vray taking his sweet time rendering it! Since it's A PNG I wonder if I can make a pagedoll out of the final result? I doubt so XD But maybe I can. I love how the software even managed to make the ribbons move!

Xans anim text.0030 by 13-Lenne-13 Xans anim text.0075 by 13-Lenne-13

Soooo I'll go eat something and see when it'll be done maybe XD

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By looking to my previous art, I would say my style is in constant mutation. I like it but I wonder if it is wrong or bad.

Acutally I wonder if a drawing is better with or without outerline... Huuum.

Recently I found the artist and video maker NakaTeleeli on youtube, I really enjoy the style of his let's play video and end up looking at them in most of my spare time... (Instead of studying, stupid me. ><)

Youtube is actually full of tallented people, I'm always amazed by the crativity of a lot of video maker.
I stopped watching TV for youtube video... Guess I'm a weird person know. ><
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And ye, even me I cannot escape it. >< Plus I'm late dammit. >.< Sorry for that Beats. ^^"
So yaeh, I get tagged by:

Here are the questions:

1) Did you actually read the rules?
2) Did you get caught up in the big pokemon fad when the series was a worldwide phononon?
3) Do you have a favourite mythological creature, if so, what is it)?
4) Did you dress up last Halloween, if so what did you go as?
5) Do you like the 'Touhou Project' series, if so, whose your favourite character?
6) What's your favourite meal?
7) What's your favourite colour?
8) A man with a hook for a right hand walks up to you and says 'hello', how do you react?
9) If someone asked you 'define the word idiot', how would you respond?
10) What do you think would have been a good 10th question (yes I know this is lazy of me XD)?

And here are my answers. ^^

1) Yes I did... (No seriously I did... But maybe I won't fallow all of them :P)
2) Yes, I did. ^^ Sometimes I even find myself playind with my old video games. ^^
3) I looove them all so much... My favorite one is the dragon I guess... But the phenyx takes the first place sometimes.
4) No I didn"t. Unless you consider putting a witch hat a desguise... I'm just giving candys when je children comes to my house. ^^
5) Same here I loooove it so much... But I am such an horrible player, I fail again and again. XD Favorite character? Argh this is soooo hard to say. I loe Mokou because she is so classy. I love Sakuya because she has the frenchy maid outfit. ^^ I love Marissa because MASTER SAAARK. And Cirno too I looove her personality. And I'm stopping there, it's already to long...
6) Chocolate *o*
7) Light purple for the moment. (I'm changing everytime... Yeah I cannot pick up a favrites, that's totally me... Don't know why I feel like the other are gonna be sad if I defined one as my favorite... Yeah it's stupid I konw. XD)
8) Well since I am a good Girl, I will answer "Hello" to him. And prepare to run just in case...
9) I AM NOT A IDIOT/ JE NE SUIS PAS UNE IDIOTE! What... ooooh you mean explain the word... Wait what? Go ask wikipédia! I am not a dictionnary.
10) Weeeeell! Oh I know: What do you think would have been a good 10th question (No need to mention that I am lazy too)?

Yeaaah finish!! And I am not tagging anyone, I don't want to bother anyone besides I am lazy and not good to find question... (And I don't have enough friends that actually like that kind of thing...)
So bye bye. ^^
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Finally hollydays, my exams just kill me.

I'me working a lot for a french RPG forum recently, just drawing some monster or taking picture of some creature from Final fantasy and modificate them, it's a lot more simple (who say lazy?).

I'm so bad à dowin texture... Gimp is good for this but since I have no graphic tablet, doing the line is difficult as hell... Ha la la...

I still have no "heating" (chauffage d'ont know how to say it in english. So since it's out of order the house is kinda cold... So I don't fell like doing anything else than drawing with the computer on my lap XD

Complaining complaining, but I'm actually happy. ^^
So yeah if you know french people who likes RPG forum tell them to go to Terra Mystica. ^^ I guess we have the potential to be a very good forum. Et je dessine les personnages. ^^
And I'm drawing the characters.

I don't even know if someone will really read this XD But whatever thanks for reading and have a nice day. ^^
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Yo yo yo... What am I suppose to right here... Well since I discovered the vocaloid I spend all my time listening to them. They are cute anf creepy music, that's fun...

Erm.... my english must be horrible since I'm a Frenchie, but whatever...

Well well... Boring boring entry... Maybe I should strat by introducing myself...

Hello I'm Mariane alias Lenne, I'm a manga fan and my favorite one for the moment is Full Metal Alchemist. (And I love Envy... Just look at my avatar...)

Hum... I'm 18 years old... I'm crazy, love drawing (I won't be here if not.... Stupid me...) I have two little sister.

God, really don't know what to say.... (Tsumanne...)

I love chocolate! I love talking... I'm talking too much!!

Ok this is the most boring thing in the world XD I will find something else to say an other time...

See you! (Do someone really gonna read this until the end?)

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