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Random from Fan aaaaaart :O

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Fan art of my characters, I don't know why those awesome people did such wonderful fan art for me!


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This is a question I often ask myself and I'm curious about your opinion : Do you think that, when I do skeleton a 3D model I should adapt to the artist style/proportions (even if the characters might look a bit weird next to each other afterwise)? 

18 deviants said A mix of both maybe? Like keeping the principle of realistic skeletons in most parts but tweaks the proportions?
15 deviants said Stick to your own style! Clothing and other main traits suffice to recognize a character. (Mostly anyways =P) They should have the same kind of bone structures.
10 deviants said Try to get as close as the original design as possible! Go for diversity, (Not all skeletons monsters need relistics human like bone structure.)
No deviants said I have others ideas! (Comment below pleaaaase!)


What I am working on (because to do list won't do!!)




8 facts about Zero

Fri Nov 17, 2017, 1:58 PM
Tagged by: :iconshujuju:

1. Post These rules.........................................................................

2. Post 8 facts about your character...............................................

3. Tag whoever...................................................

4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

5. NO TAG BACKS! .........................................................................

I'll be doing this for Zero, who's a character from an undertale AU I'm working on. Since all the name are taken though I'm still working on it XD

I don't have an official ref for him and I really should draw one uuuugh... or take 3D pictures...

Here are some pictures of him:

CHECK: Zero Avatar du changement. by 13-Lenne-13 Zero is blocking the way! by 13-Lenne-13

He is also the tall Red skeleton there:

Huge Skeleton Hug Pile! by 13-Lenne-13 Happy birthday Aura! by 13-Lenne-13

Here that should be enough!

Now to the facts!

1. His life is currently only dedicated to saving his little brother, though he is not doing it the right way.

2. He is extremely courteous to nice people, however, despites his apparent good mannerism, he can become extremely violent, to the point of cold-blooded murder. 

3. He loves cooking, especially sweet things which remind him of his adoptive mother. Chocolate chips cookies are favorites sweets but he also really likes wines, red ones especially, and of course, expensive ones even more. Don't ask him to choose between both of those.  

4. He's a fashion victim... Well kinda, he enjoys fancy clothes and has a huge dressing full of all kinds of garment. Usually, he only gets out with his red coat, but he will put on all other kinds of clothes too when alone at home. 

5. He is a construct, which means he is not born but was made. (More on that topic later I guess? Though you can see more of it in my failed attempt at doing inktobertale. XD) 

6. Zero doesn't have a set gender. Since he is French and talks french he is used to using "he" when talking about himself, since French people don't have a they/them pronoun, however, he will not mind you calling him either he, them or even she. Zero couldn't care less.

7. He is TERRIFIED of dogs and Gaster-like figures (especially those with red eyes and sharp teeth), so he'll try to avoid them at all cost.  

8. However, (even if afraid of them too), he tends to immediately get violent with aggressive humans. He usually despises them more than he is actually scared. 


Zero is a sad character but I hope everyone can make him happy again. ;)

I tag: :iconorez-suke: :iconcyaneworks: :iconunderlifeau: :iconazureartworks: You don't have to do it of course ;)

Created at


Hello! Currently in participating in a very big French event called the Paris Game Week 2018 as a WIP thanks to my work in gaming industry and 3Dprinting! Been running everywhere and had the chance to meet so many interesting people but couldn’t bring my tablet >~< I have a spare one at my mother’s place! I swear I’ll be working on the next page of Marionnette ASAP when the event is over!
Love you guys for liking that story of miiiine!
Hi guys! Still working on Marionnette! Should put the next page tomorrow! 
Weird... I don't remember naming my layers that... Huh... W͆e̹i̻r̷d̐ iͩn̢͠d̼e̔eͥdͨ..᷿.

Hint pages 13 by 13-Lenne-13

D̢̙͓̹ͣ͊᷉̊̊͂͊̆̊̕͢ǫ̡̻͚᷂̪͖͊̾ͨ᷉͊͠ͅͅ y̨͕̜̝̲̱͑͊̔᷉̑͊͛ͥ͟ò̱͎̮̯͊᷈᷾ͭ᷉͛ͬ̊͊᷈u̪͚̬͇᷂ͬ͊̍᷉ͭ̌̋͊͆͟ r̴̢̞̼͚͊̅ͯ᷉̒ͦ͊᷁᷾͠e̪̲̺̺̙̦͚̼͊̅᷉͊͜͏̚m̴̵̶̞͉̦͈᷊̌͊᷉̆͊͘͞ḛ̷͋͗͆͊̈᷉᷄͑͊̂ͦ̕ͅm̷͓̹ͦ̿̄͊ͪ̈́᷉᷃͊͑ͩ́b̬̝̜̝̲᷂̱͗ͯ̈́͊᷉͊ͦ͡ȅ͎̻̜̼̻ͣ͊᷈̉᷉ͥ͊̒ͅr̸̖̤̘͔᷊̼̙͊̎᷉͊͢͏̄ y̸̖͈̰̖͑͊ͫͧ᷉͑͐͊̚͟o̟̲̖̲̯̔᷉͊̑͒ͧ᷉͊͂̊u̹̯͇͓̼͆͋͊᷅͂᷉̿̽͊ͅr̥̺̥̦̰̞᷄ͨ͊᷅᷉͑͊̈́͝ n̶̛̹̰̟̘̄͊᷉᷉᷆ͧ͊́᷇ȃ̯̹ͣ͊ͥͫ̊᷉͏͊̏̾͆͜m͖̬̹͗͗͊᷅ͮ᷉͋͊̑ͤ̚͠e͏͖̦̹͈̾̈͊͛̏᷉̂͊᷾͞?̷̧̢̯̞͇᷿̣̭ͧ͊᷉͊̆͟

☟☜✡✍ 👍✌☠ ✡⚐🕆 ☟☜✌☼ 💣☜✍ 📬📬📬 ✋ 👎⚐☠🕯❄ ❄☟✋☠😐 💧⚐📬📬📬
Page 9 by 13-Lenne-13

So many stooooones, how many pages did I plan on the ruins again? XDD Can you guess where this is? =P  
Ink idle wip by 13-Lenne-13
Trying to post a status from my phone I have no idea how this will turn out XD (BAD I had to repost this from the computer for the image to show up! èwé)

Anywayyyy been trying to do a quick idle animation of my now rigged and skinned Ink model... Emphasis on try because this quick stuff had me pulling my hair out for two days already!

Ink is the most uncooperative little piece of paint ever!
You shall not win this battle I will animate you darn it!
Can you guess which part of the ruins this is? :P Yay for drawing bricks XD

Filename by 13-Lenne-13


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Essence of A Digital Artist by ChesterPalm

Edit 2: 11 May 2018

Heeey I feel ooooold Also I'm bored so I added stamps!!

Edit: 3 December 2016.

OMG this need to be updated!

After a 3 years break from DA where I was actually following a very hard formation, I'm back! I dropped my biology studies and decide that after all I could do art if I wanted!

I'm now a 3D artist, as one can probably seen, looking at my most recent art. And apparently I've fallen into the Undertale fandom. I just couldn't resist it and I don't know why. I'm trying to add my humble piece of dream to this amazing community.

I'm ok with every ship, I'll never say my way of seeing things is the best, and I just love to see all the different point of view.


First, I am french so sorry for the poor english...

I am a vegetarian.
I have a lot of stupid alimentary intolerance I cannot eat "gluten" means everything that contain wheat and a lot of other cereals. Yeah no more bread T_T I almost only eat fish, rice and potatoes XD

I'm drawing since I'm little. I never really take drawing lesson even if I should. >.<
It was hard for me to start drawing with the graphic pallet but know I love it XD

Aaaaaand let stop talking XD



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PC-Doodle Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I honestly don't understand why but sometimes DeviantArt makes me unfriend you??
Well you're back on my list now thankfully.
13-Lenne-13 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww I'm sorry to hear that! Well, I'm a slow artist, so you shouldn't have missed much XD Except the beginning of the comic I'm doing in 2D maybe. =O
Thank you loads for the watch! =D
13-Lenne-13 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're sooo welcome mate! That's awesome skills you got there! Zero handkiss (Undertale OC custom emoticon) 
Aw. =3 Thank you!
Castel-Eown Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018

J'ai vu ta donation sur Ko-fi, du coup je me suis permis de faire un petit quelque chose en remerciement ici 

Je me suis amusé à gribouiller ça, j'espère que ça te plait-

Encore merci pour tout, ça m'a fait super plaisir ce petit mot ;_;
13-Lenne-13 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwwwwww je t’en prie ça m’a fait plaisir. ^w^ Excellent travail!
Noioo Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I know we don't talked to each other much but - 
You know I am fan of your art since I found you and I wanted to ask you really lOONG time for commission but I won't propably have a money for that- so I wanted to ask
Is there any chance for art trade? 
If no then for commission? 

You are the best 3D undertale artist/maker (idk how to say it?) I ever met here and It would be amazing to get one of your 3D pieces with my character. 

I am totally fine with answer no, because it must be hard.
I am just saying I am willing to offer anything - even I don't have that much money tho. It would be the best thing I could ever commish/trade for something IDK- 

I don't want to annoy anymore so just let's say have nice day~ 
Thank you for reading too! ^^ Thanks!!! 
13-Lenne-13 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I am honored! Blushing Zero (Undertale OC custom emoticon) I could do art trade, but it depends what exactly you want from me =P I'm pretty sure I actually own you some art already >w< I'd love to do an art trade, as long as you are not in a hurry, because 3D takes a buttload of time, especially if you are looking for me to pose it or move it. I had someone bad surprise with art trade once, so I'm a bit more cautious what the person wants and what I'll get in return. i know it sounds greedy sorry! 
But I'll be glad to do one with you! Zero handkiss (Undertale OC custom emoticon)  I just need precisions. 
KeyWiteWolf Featured By Owner May 25, 2018
Ack! I'm a derp. I thought I was following you for months now and just wasn't getting notifications, but somehow I didn't actually hit the watch button. *(facepalms at self)* Well problem solved, finally, but I feel like I've missed a lot because of it. And I consider you one of the people I try to learn from. Your character designs are amazing ^_^. (plus I don't even RP normally, and your adorable characters make me want to create OCs just to interact with them >_<).
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