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Random from Fan aaaaaart :O

Art request 4 - Zero by Katrona Art request 4 - Zero :iconkatrona:Katrona 30 3 [Request] D3 Teknei by DetectiveBlur [Request] D3 Teknei :icondetectiveblur:DetectiveBlur 58 21 [Undertale/OC] Tenkei by DetectiveBlur [Undertale/OC] Tenkei :icondetectiveblur:DetectiveBlur 39 6 SS AU photobomb by MADPanda66 SS AU photobomb :iconmadpanda66:MADPanda66 98 13
Fan art of my characters, I don't know why those awesome people did such wonderful fan art for me!


D-Serve by Crimzan4 D-Serve :iconcrimzan4:Crimzan4 19 14 TSODITW - Chapter 2 - Page 42 by Kitsunewolf95 TSODITW - Chapter 2 - Page 42 :iconkitsunewolf95:Kitsunewolf95 113 60 SkeleChara Page 19 by InsanelyADD SkeleChara Page 19 :iconinsanelyadd:InsanelyADD 91 36 SkeleChara Page 18 by InsanelyADD SkeleChara Page 18 :iconinsanelyadd:InsanelyADD 122 70 Mom Day by InsanelyADD Mom Day :iconinsanelyadd:InsanelyADD 147 64 Ambassador Papyrus: Sexiest Man Alive by InsanelyADD Ambassador Papyrus: Sexiest Man Alive :iconinsanelyadd:InsanelyADD 125 85 Cookie time by CyberFell Cookie time :iconcyberfell:CyberFell 34 6 So peaceful asleep ~~For Amortem-kun~~ by VanGold So peaceful asleep ~~For Amortem-kun~~ :iconvangold:VanGold 32 5 Pick up your sock by PandorasBox341 Pick up your sock :iconpandorasbox341:PandorasBox341 92 9 CM: Cracks - page 1 by C-Puff CM: Cracks - page 1 :iconc-puff:C-Puff 155 3 SORROWTALE -39 by JustOneLuke SORROWTALE -39 :iconjustoneluke:JustOneLuke 19 18 Horrortale 70: The Real Battle by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale 70: The Real Battle :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 521 128 Horrortale 65 - Everything is Fine by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale 65 - Everything is Fine :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 613 194 Bone Appetit by gatekid3 Bone Appetit :icongatekid3:gatekid3 148 11 Accidentverse - Opening Act - Page 1 by BD8Saku Accidentverse - Opening Act - Page 1 :iconbd8saku:BD8Saku 56 8 TSODITW - Chapter 2 - Page 41 by Kitsunewolf95 TSODITW - Chapter 2 - Page 41 :iconkitsunewolf95:Kitsunewolf95 112 44

It's the Spring Equinoxe Meaniiiiing it's Tenkei's Birthday!! Would you like me to make a contest? 

8 deviants said Yes with art as the prize! (Don't know if I can manage that with my schedule >w<)
7 deviants said Yes with money or point as the prizes! (Comment how much you'd like for first prize for example.)
5 deviants said Derp Derpitty Derpblblb, I don't caaaare and/or don't like contest. (But Happy Birthday Tenkei.)
4 deviants said Ok for the contest but can one of the prize be a raffle (lotery) so that even a beginner have a chance!

What I am working on (because to do list won't do!!)





Snaileton free myo event!

Sat Jun 29, 2019, 7:36 PM
Aaaaand I didn't press submit go me!! I was supposed to do that before finishing the design, but hey! if you want one of your own there is not much time left =O  Snailetons || 3-Day Free MYO Event -NOW OPEN- by Twilight-Entropy
I actually didn't know what Myo meant before!!

I'm glad how it turned mine turned out =P

Abalone the Snaileton. by 13-Lenne-13
It took way more time than I thought! 

It was Artistic--License that pointed me to it! 
[Snail pun.]So you 'shell'd totally check out this lovely MYO event before I stop being able to 'conch'trol these puns, the spe'shell' people putting on this event are some of the best in the 'whorl'd.
:iconsnaillaplz: Snailetons - MYO Now Open:iconsnaillaplz:

It only lasts until June 30 though so don't be 'slug'gish.

Created at


Did something different as a breather. Character concepting yaaaay.

Nera by 13-Lenne-13
There! All fixed all set! Now to work on the rest of the bar woohoo!! Tenkei Gaaaasp!! (Undertale OC emoticon) 

Bar of all Sanses 6 by 13-Lenne-13
Those on the bottom are an 1920's tea box, sugar box and shakers! Yay for ref. 

Hot sauce was added because of Pans' last action in VanGold comicpage, and because it's Chaser's (CyaneWorks babu) favorite drink! 

Working hard working hard!!
How to miserably fail and lose time in your 3D scene!
Bar of all Sanses fail1 by 13-Lenne-13
Step 1: have 0 knowledge about bar and alcohol. Temmie icon 
Step 2: Spend hours on drinks that need to be refrigerated and not be placed on shelves. Derp :B 
Step 3: roll around angrily.  BB-8 Rolls Around R2-D2 Icon Roll 

(Bar of all Sanses belongs to VanGold ) And I am just a huge dummy! I though i was smart making popular german beer... WELP!! I'll keep those assets for another time I guess... I have no idea what to put fill those shelves with now... AAAAARGH!! Undertale - Mad Angry Chara might explode  *Angry Toriel Intensifies*  Axel Is Mad
Trying to share more stuff with you guys Tenkei Gaaaasp!! (Undertale OC emoticon) =D Cause I love you so much Zero handkiss (Undertale OC custom emoticon)  Bar of all Sanses 5 by 13-Lenne-13
Never thought making so many colorful bottles would be so fun! The bar of all Sanses belongs to VanGold ! The champagne is cute high up there, hope Jazzy can reach it >w< (He probably use a stool!)

Yes, there is a looot of ketchup! And mustard for the Edgy Table. some other kind of sauces too. I'll put the beers next to the condiment, cause it's a bar. I bet Jazzy can do a lot of fancy cocktail so I've put a bottle of Curacao! Can you guy identify those drinks?

I'm a noob in alcohol so I took rather popular ones. ;) I don't put any brand on the etiquettes for obvious reasons >w> 

I'm working hard guys èwé Shit I gotta draw the next page of Marionnette OwO
Hey, Lenne do you even 3D anymore?
Bar of all Sanses 4 by 13-Lenne-13Hey Lenne, didn't you start that 3D scene like 2 years ago?

Bar of all Sanses 2 by 13-Lenne-13 Bar of all Sanses 3 by 13-Lenne-13 Piano's done by 13-Lenne-13

(I'm lying nobody asked >w< but yes I do 3D and I'm realizing that I never finished the awesome Bar of all Sans, and I will do it. Cause it's an awesome place and a great environment training.) 

Of course, this place belongs to :iconvangold: Which have a lot of comics!! Go read them. Like right now! It's really interesting! 

I have no idea who's going to be in the final picture/small animation depending on my time. Probably some 3D beans I already have and Vangold's Jazz sans. 


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Essence of A Digital Artist by ChesterPalm

Edit 2: 11 May 2018

Heeey I feel ooooold Also I'm bored so I added stamps!!

Edit: 3 December 2016.

OMG this need to be updated!

After a 3 years break from DA where I was actually following a very hard formation, I'm back! I dropped my biology studies and decide that after all I could do art if I wanted!

I'm now a 3D artist, as one can probably seen, looking at my most recent art. And apparently I've fallen into the Undertale fandom. I just couldn't resist it and I don't know why. I'm trying to add my humble piece of dream to this amazing community.

I'm ok with every ship, I'll never say my way of seeing things is the best, and I just love to see all the different point of view.


First, I am french so sorry for the poor english...

I am a vegetarian.
I have a lot of stupid alimentary intolerance I cannot eat "gluten" means everything that contain wheat and a lot of other cereals. Yeah no more bread T_T I almost only eat fish, rice and potatoes XD

I'm drawing since I'm little. I never really take drawing lesson even if I should. >.<
It was hard for me to start drawing with the graphic pallet but know I love it XD

Aaaaaand let stop talking XD



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