Terms and conditions of use.

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Our goal.
Is sharing resources for your use and only for your use.

You are free to...
  • Use our resources.
  • Tell us how you use our 'service'.
  • Share our work with each others, as long as the link comes from our DeviantArt account. 


You will need refraining from doing some activities...
  • You can't sell our work.
  • You can't re-upload them (Includes adding our resources in packs).
  • Don't pass our work as your own (FAQ #304: Do you remove copies and trace-over art?).
  • You can't share or publish the link when you had to ask for it privately

Some terms will added, modified or removed after time, meanwhile, you must agree the actual ones.
We will accept suggestions and disconformities, thank you for reading.
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Thank's for providing stock! Do you give permission to use your stock in commercial prints, also outside DA? Meaning as a part of the artwork, not to sell your stock as it is!
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What about the use for e-books or book/story sharing websites like www.wattpad.com