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Tattoo lettering 35

7 deadly sins

for viewing!

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Hello friend. I like your work, would make a draft drawn REDS Design?

Thank you!
Hello can you please do Dakotah in the lust writing and email it too me please?
Thank you need it ASAP.
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Very busy at the moment don't have time, and have 100's of other people asking me and who are willing to pay
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can you plz draw this name Pepe
Woops!!!!!!!!! I just realized that this is your writing... So have a question... Do you this for people on here? I have four names and two sayings I want done for my tatoo. Please let me know. Thanks..
Can you please tell me where to get this font? i want it for my tatoo and have looked everywhere on this computer. Thanks
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Beautiful Lettering!
Hey can't you do the text "Only God Can Judge Me"
I'm getting a tattoo across my chest so that would be awesome :)
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I love your lettering do u think u could do my brothers name it not long and he passed recently i would love for u to do one if u have time
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I really dig 'wrath' and 'sloth' strong and with great flow to them. great job!
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Hi there :) wow that looks really good! Can you help me with a line in the similiar script? It will be much appreciated.... *tis grace has brought me safe thus far* that's the line :) can you? Thanks in advance
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This is so beautiful and elegant! I absolutely love it! I am getting my first tattoo on this upcoming friday and I've finally decided what I want it to be, but I've spent hours and hours now, trying to find the perfect font for it..I know there's probably a thousand other people who has this tattoo but I've been planning on getting "What goes around comes around" tattooed around my wrist..^^ And maybe greed as a japanese symbol on my middle finger..right arm. :) I'm not sure yet..But if you would have any time or would like to design "what goes around comes around" in a pretty font like that :D That would fit around a wrist..IT would mean the world to me! I'm sorry if I sound like a beggar...I'm just really in love with your design! and would love something unique like that :D
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Would you be able to design one for me?
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would u b able to design one for meee...?
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Very cool looking! This made me think of the tattoo i'm getting that my friend drew me for envy ^^
Amazing lettering design :)

~ Mako
Hi, my name is Nancy, i live in Holland,
i really love your work and wanted to ask you if you want to design a tattoo with my daughters name?
I would really appreciate that.
Her name is : Shaylee

I would love to hear from you.
Greetz Nancy.
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thank you very much for your request, Im sorry but I'm really really busy at the moment and don't have a lot of time, if you want you can go ahead and email your request to and i might get to it, sorry!
I'm in love with you *_*
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hey these are awesome, what font is that? or did you make it? would you be able to draw me lettering saying Wikitoria?
12KathyLees12's avatar
its my own style of lettering
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12KathyLees12's avatar
thank you very very much!
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